Gunspell 2 MOD APK v1.2.7467 (No cost open crates)

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NameGunspell 2
PublisherAKPublish pty ltd
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesNo cost open crates
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Gunspell 2 is based on match-3 gameplay to show magical power, using many heroes to fight. These are brain battles because there must always be a clear strategy. The game will take you to a formidable opponent when the player accepts the challenge. They can be monsters, are stone giants, all on the match-3 battlefield. Solve exciting puzzles for rewards, or find treasures on your own along the way. The play times are quick but show each person’s level, know their position and find a way to develop. Hunt for gems in puzzles, and collect items of great value to serve the upgrade process.

Gunspell 2 apk free

Download Gunspell 2 mod – Solve an attractive match-3 match

The moments of entertainment and testing your ability are cleverly arranged by Gunspell 2. Match-3 is inherently popular with many players but often follows cute images. For this game, you will reach for shiny diamonds. The opposite of a diamond’s great value is that the skull looks scary, but it has a powerful energy. The puzzles already exist; accepting the challenge is just the beginning. Will always know in advance who his opponent is before making his move. You must choose your strength while trying 200 percent of your ATK against sly enemies. Take turns taking down the enemy, so they don’t have a chance to develop a wicked base.

Gunspell 2 apk

The truth about this mysterious world is about to be revealed, stay tuned! You uncover those mysterious events and find essential data. Delving into the puzzles of antiquity, the whole scene is set up to be dark. Players experience a sense of silence that many outstanding problems are taking place. Completing the mission will give you many great trophies, especially gems. With exciting storylines waiting on each level, it will be a surprise that Gunspell 2 gives you. Enjoy the details of the story that has been written, capture information through messages from many other characters, and choose the direction to explore.

Gunspell 2 mod

Gather a team of heroes

Mighty warriors are coming with you to make many resounding victories. They can be standard human characters, but sometimes they are the appearance of demons and gods. Their fierce eyes must make the enemy wary of your team. There will usually be eight outstanding characters for you to conquer, each taking on a different role. Their strength is also exceptional, and each has its characteristics to excel. Heroes of the VIP rank will cost many coins to own, three times more expensive than regular characters. The supporting energies or weapons must also be unlocked to use and conquer quickly if you do not want to fail.

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Searching for gems

The main items that can cause defeat for the opponent are skulls and magical jewels. Players will search in the rock holes and find every nook and cranny on this island. Those items are highly damaging, so they need to be collected earlier than others. When doing match-3, if you own a lot of gems, you can counterattack your opponent without skipping the diamond move. However, each of the rocks that you need arrangement has unique energy in it. Skulls will appear when you make the right combination, which will explore the game. Wander around this territory and find valuable publications to accomplish your goals quickly.

Gunspell 2 mod apk

Explore the mysterious world

The different worlds also make each adventure unique. This is the story of Gunspell and the interesting heroes that revolve around you. With new details being opened, the opportunity to explore many places will happen. You are looking forward to opening those magical doors, which are very well guarded and not easy to break in. But once you arrive, all the mysteries are revealed openly. Gunspell 2 is ready to add more stories associated with your challenge. Experiencing many ups and downs to receive precious moments to visit this magical world.

Gunspell 2 plays turn-based combat, and the core is still a match-3 puzzle. Players can also link into 4, even five gems of the same color. The more combinations, the more shocks occur, but that’s what you want for your opponent. Many tasks are still unfinished; try to complete them in the shortest time. Use the magic you have to make brain battles brighter. You need to beat your opponent in any situation. Download Gunspell 2 mod, and become the top in match-3 matches.

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