Gummy Pop MOD APK 3.9 (Unlimited Hearts)

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NameGummy Pop APK
PublisherBubble Shooter @ MadOverGames
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hearts
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The world of sweets is something that children or childhood think about. So when you’re tired, try going inside to experience Gummy Pop. This simple candy shooting game is designed to relax without creating too much of a challenge. Only with the goal is to shoot all the candies on the screen. So you have won and received adorable rewards. Your job is to aim and shoot or combine more tools to complete the level quickly. Because of its simple graphics and gameplay, it is accessible to all ages. Even children or working people can play perfectly.

Gummy Pop mod

Download Gummy Pop mod – Collect a series of attractive candies

The gameplay of Gummy Pop is based on the popular shooting games of the past. You will challenge yourself by shooting balls on a boss of many balls. Make them fall at the right time, and you will get points. After each shot, the ball bosses will be lowered a bit. If it reaches the limit and you still haven’t shot them down, you have lost and have to try again. Just like that, create the attraction and make you want to continuously play non-stop when you win. And it will not be so simple as the higher you go, the more complex the shadow bosses and the harder it is to shoot them all down. In addition, there are many conditions to complete the quest.

Responsible for shooting the ball are the cute characters inside Gummy Pop. They will help you learn how to play and give you tasks to complete during that playthrough. The shooting mechanism is straightforward. Boss balls will have a lot of different colors from red, yellow, blue, pink, purple… Each character shot will hold a ball of any color. You will shoot in the area with balls of the same color as it. Doing so, they will all fall. Keep doing this until you have hit all the balls in the boss. Although the request is simple, it requires a certain ingenuity to perform. So you must align the angle precisely so that the ball flies into the desired position.

Gummy Pop mod apk

Attractive reward milestones

Gummy Pop is divided into many different levels. Their difficulty will increase in order. There are currently 1500 levels in total inside Gummy Pop. Meet all requirements from shooting all the balls on the screen. Collect a certain number of balls of a specific color. No matter how many balls you shoot, you will still be counted as a loser if you do not complete the assigned task. The system will evaluate how many jobs you meet to calculate the number of stars. The highest is three stars with 100% completion. At that time, you will be rewarded with a more significant amount of gifts than usual. Milestones can range from 50 or 100 stars and more.

Gummy Pop mod apk free

Use special balls

If you only shoot ordinary balls, completing the game screen will take a long time. So when you go to higher levels, the system will give you many exciting balls. They can be detonated if fired at a boss of the same color as you. Or increase the number of balls received when shot down. Another tool to help you destroy any unsuitable ball. The rainbow ball activates all the balls again because it has all the necessary colors. These tools make your level easier to succeed. But also have to spend a specific amount to buy those tools. You should use them as little as possible in a game and still win.

Gummy Pop mod free

Defeat the evil scientist

Despite its simple entertainment, Gummy Pop still has its main plot. The evil savant threatens the candy world. He uses the energy from candies and balls to capture pets in the candy world. Your journey through the levels is to rescue them from the evil hands of that savant. Regain the energy and balls you have obtained from more than 1500 levels. Building strength to stop the villain is planning many other dangerous things. This process will take very long and needs the players’ patience. Will you be able to overcome the entire challenge of Gummy Pop?

Gummy Pop free

The number of levels will not stop at 1500 but will increase even more in the future. That means the journey of the game will continue. Collect as many colored balls as possible to power up the sweets. Defeat the evil Dr. and rescue the adorable creatures held captive by him. Not to mention the plot, Gummy Pop is highly entertaining and relaxing. When you are too tired or stressed by work, take out your smartphone to play a few levels of Gummy Pop mod. Calming back helps to work more smoothly and efficiently.

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