Grow Spaceship VIP MOD APK 5.7.1 (Menu/Unlimited money, tickets, rubies, planets)

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NameGrow Spaceship VIP APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, tickets, rubies, planets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Do you miss retro-style shooting games? Talking about the games that the 9x age likes, pixel games cannot be ignored. They are both simple and attractive in their way. However, playing the same game over and over can sometimes get boring. Then you try to change to a new round of the same type. Today, I would like to introduce everyone to Grow Spaceship VIP. This is an entertainment product produced by the company PixelStar Games. Although it was just released in 2018, the game has brought back many impressive achievements. It owns hundreds of thousands of downloads on Google Play. Along with that, Grow Spaceship VIP also received many very high reviews. Let’s explore more details!

Grow Spaceship VIP mod

Download Grow Spaceship VIP mod – Craft multiple spaceships

Grow Spaceship VIP might be the first choice for many techies. The reason is that this game opens up unlimited crafting opportunities. Your products are spacecraft that fly into space. More specifically, there are spaceships with combat purposes. With Grow Spaceship VIP, the spaceship inventory can be up to hundreds of different types. These ships are not only diverse in size, large and small. Besides, they are also structured in many different shapes. Maybe it was a spaceship with two wings, as usual. Sometimes, it can take on the form of a sphere made up of many pieces. In many cases, the spacecraft also has an exceptional rocket shape.

Grow Spaceship VIP apk

Grow Spaceship VIP’s spaceships are diverse in shape because they are built for combat purposes. When participating in the journey in this game, you need to control the airship to defeat the bosses. Those missions and challenges are where you prove your strength. At the same time, intelligence will also be displayed. Boss raids are often unexpected. Therefore, players need to be ready to join the confrontation at all times. To do that, iron warriors with thoroughly modern weapons must be available. Are you confident that you will build an unprecedented spaceship?

Grow Spaceship VIP mod apk

Defeat big bosses

Bosses in Grow Spaceship VIP usually appear alone. However, being alone is not necessarily weak. Because they are big and have many times more power than your device, for example, the boss can be a giant machine with the body of a mighty red eagle. However, not because of that, the player has no chance of winning. Instead, you can defeat the bosses with your strategy. Instead, create an entire fleet of airships to unite against the enemy. Do not forget to strengthen them through weapons. Winning big bosses can bring you many valuable items. Don’t miss any gifts that Grow Spaceship VIP brings.

Grow Spaceship VIP android

Use the ultimate skill

If it were simply ordinary spaceships, fighting would be brutal. Therefore, Grow Spaceship VIP provides players with an additional treasure of skills. Please make the most of it to your advantage. In particular, these top skills will be efficient if the enemy appears dense and crowded. However, like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, skills are only unlocked when matched. Different types of skills will suit other ships. It will do its job well when activated in the right place and at the right time. Therefore, learn the skills for each boat in the collection.

Grow Spaceship VIP apk free

Upgrade the watchtowers

With the above descriptions, Grow Spaceship VIP is similar to the chicken shooting game. However, this game has one more distinctive feature. While fighting, your ship will receive support from watchtowers. They are spaceships with a smaller size. But size does not measure capacity. These watchtowers are arranged along the hull to support effective combat. They will continuously fire bullets at the target to create non-stop attacks. This form of fighting is new. Although not the main object, the watchtowers are still upgraded. Prices vary depending on the type. You can explore more and choose offline.

Grow Spaceship VIP is a space action game that uses shooting elements. The spaceships you assemble will create a rain of bullets for the enemy. Arrange and design them to be the most powerful. Grow Spaceship VIP can also be played offline, so you don’t have to worry about a network connection. Download Grow Spaceship VIP mod and experience building spaceships.

Download Grow Spaceship VIP MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, tickets, rubies, planets) for Android

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