Go Candy! MOD APK 1.52 (Free shopping)

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NameGo Candy! APK
PublisherOVIVO Games
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Go Candy! with you conquer the candy world, go to a place full of sweets and catch them. Players proceed to hold and touch the candy zipper; they need to click correctly to collect. You imagine you are playing gold-digging; you must adjust the zipper’s direction to catch the Candy back into the bag. The number of sweets is unlimited; the more you accumulate, the higher the score will be. Try to see them all, the candy basket is complete, and you can enter the leaderboard. Pull the machine cord down to the bottom, and discover what is hidden at the bottom of the box. Once you drop the rope is a thrill; focus you will pick up the Candy you want.

Go Candy

Download Go Candy! mod – Become a candy catcher master

Go Candy! gives you a candy selector, which you use during the challenge. Initially, you drop the rope and let it run automatically; at this point, you need to stop and touch the screen once. When that touch means that the hook of the string is activated, it will merge the two blades, clamping the Candy. The candies will all move, not standing still, which is quite tricky. You need to align the time the Candy runs and drop the suitable rope into the position; then, you will get points. You have wasted time levelling the string; aim for accuracy, not waste any opportunity. High concentration will bring you great loot.

Your skills are increasingly promoted, and the challenge increases that you can ultimately conquer. You should remember the leaderboard in Go Candy!, it is updated regularly, so there’s no reason not to try. Your high score will be recognized; your talent will affirm your position. Catch all the candies in the box, and master the drop steps to determine the height you go down. Dive deep down there; many surprises are waiting for players. Get used to the movement of the Candy, and change the direction of the zipper as you like. Just try your hand at new rounds, and unlock levels to advance in the rankings.

Go Candy mod

Upgrading the candy catcher

The machine that accompanied you in the early days must also be improved quickly. Each level increase is one time the candy catcher is renewed into another version. You should invest in modern technology because it will increase efficiency when this machine works well. Players can use the zipper smoother, and the pliers are also more giant, especially going deep with a bottom of more than 60m. Many benefits are shown immediately, which can attract players to invest. Go Candy! owning this machine requires a certain amount of money for many unique versions. Depending on the use value of each player that wants to upgrade to any rank.

Go Candy mod apk

Cute candies

Let this contest not be dull Go Candy! designed hundreds of different candies. The candies have different shapes, wearing colourful clothes. A chest of Candy is mixed, each giving an additional score to the player. The sweets have great value; you’re lucky if you pick them up. Your candy collection fills up quickly, accomplishing the goal you set. The sweets are unique and cute, and the size is small but brings a lot of value. The sweets are scattered from different heights; you must determine which one you want to catch first. Gently cradle the sweets, successfully bringing them ashore.

Go Candy apk

Explore the depths

Go Candy!, there is no limit to the depth of the candy machine. The easy level will usually be shallow, but the main score is not too large, enough for you to overcome the challenge. Newer journey, higher requirements now begin to care about the depth of the machine. When you put the rope underground, the candies are waiting for you; they love to play, so they stay hidden forever. You only have to find a new machine and upgrade the depth; the new candies will promote their value. On each device, three switches show where the sweets are, how far away the rope is and how much money will be earned per second.

Go Candy! try catching Candy; imagine this is a candy treasure you must conquer. The value of the bonus that candies bring is not tiny; it helps you expand the opportunity at higher levels. Advance to the more bustling playground, reach and accumulate many different sweets. Your diverse collection is brought out for display and for others to see. Prove your sharp talent with a precise touch screen to catch Candy. Download Go Candy! mod, candy-catching experience with mystical depth, easy score earning and ranking.

Download Go Candy! MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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