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NameGlobal War Simulation Premium
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Global War Simulation Premium leads a country in terms of military, offering top-notch tactics to defend the territory. Players have the right to choose their own country, upgrading their commanding ability day to make the whole world respect them. The army is yours; the task of conquering the opponents is the top requirement when participating in this game. Secret agencies are installed with different roles, and the operations explode day and night with you behind. Will move by road, defeating forces plotting to counter-attack your country. Do not forget to combine the mission of defending the fatherland; bringing down the prison at the hands of the enemy is not worth it.

Global War Simulation Premium apk free

Download Global War Simulation Premium mod – Manage your country

The national areas are all handled and resolved by you. Divide work evenly and distribute it with reasonable time, prioritizing battle strategy. Spying, investing, economics or politics are all areas that you need to pay attention to. National defense and military need to be invested heavily to ensure war participation. More than 100 countries will compete with you, and there will be many controversies, so please be reminded. Fully handle the minimum requirements for skirmishes, and assert your national status. Agents are carried out in different directions, and you will face many challenges in each arena.

Global War Simulation Premium mod apk

Finance is also not allowed to be neglected because this is the primary source for improving your military. Managing the country is extremely important, so there will be a separate system. The population will also be shown on the screen, tracked, and augmented if necessary. Report to agents, receive missions from every country worldwide, and read the information carefully to avoid mistakes. After being strong enough in number, you can completely invade other countries. Conquer opponents to receive power, and improve combat ability later. Study the matrix of countries and then plan, noting that no strategy will fail.

Global War Simulation Premium apk

Invest in many countries

The first step you need to take is choosing a country to rule for the duration you join. Hundreds of countries are present, and players can scrutinize. Russia, the US, Canada, France in Europe, or countries like China, North Korea… everywhere have military strengths. Specialized fields of military, defense, and security also need to be regularly consolidated. Health care, education, and finance serve the warriors as a solid rear when they leave the army. The way you are investing also increases your income quickly, and only this way will make your army fully armed and ready to fight.

Global War Simulation Premium mod

Strengthen the army

The main goal of the Global War Simulation Premium is to conquer enemy countries. Your use of tactics on the road is applied during the attack. Accelerate the operation of the force by purchasing weapons and support equipment. Tanks, fire planes, armored vehicles, and guns, all the top-notch human resources, were present. Those things will help you attack faster, easier, and with better efficiency. Security protection is also the most critical factor, and there will be many dangers that make you delay the invasion. As the levels are raised, the weapons arsenal will also rapidly increase. Valuable resources to transform into essential equipment for combat.

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National research

Exploring countries and applying to the country you are governing will help you a lot. Players can use the strength of the population, and more will be sent to infantry. Or the economy is also a dilemma for each war, and it takes money to conquer quickly. The font system and how to create and manage spies will also contribute to your campaign. Trade is also the primary source of income for the country. If the feud is too big to be traded, the only way to make money from your factory is by yourself. Add to your country now with weapons, phones, cars, satellites, and more!

Global War Simulation Premium offers many tasks simultaneously for you to manipulate. Set up an electoral council to find the leader, trustworthy faces. Diplomacy and relationship building with the role of a consulate, boosting the economy. Despite being so close, border security needs to be clearly defined. The enemy has no right to infringe on your country if agreed. Such a severe transgression cannot be easily overlooked. Just strengthen and hunt for mineral resources and top-notch weapons to upgrade. Survey the market to know your potential and come up with a cure. Download Global War Simulation Premium mod to conquer the world with artificial intelligence.

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