Giant Wanted MOD APK 1.1.28 (Unlimited money)

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NameGiant Wanted APK
PublisherSupersonic Studios LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Giant Wanted challenges with guns to destroy the giant dominating the city. With a massive body that makes him able to crush anything in an instant. What you need to do right now is to destroy them as quickly as possible, don’t let bad things happen. That giant is trying to invade humans, and only you can make them disappear. Small people are being threatened, and life is turned upside down until your appearance. There’s not much time left to argue; let’s make accurate shots. Explore the vast city and complete the noble mission of protecting people, sending the giant far away.

Giant Wanted mod apk

Download Giant Wanted mod – Hunt for giants invading the city

The chases with giants took place in many different situations. Players constantly change the combat environment, using many other methods to destroy. The biggest problem is that they are too big; the time to kill it depends on the player’s gun. As for the tiny humans, how can they be defeated, only counting on your help? Do not betray that trust; play kindly and win resoundingly. Many plans and tricks are launched every time you enter the match. Blow away that giant shadow, causing them to disintegrate in one shot. Choose the weapon with the most potent power to destroy their body.

Giant Wanted mod

Observe the help words displayed on the screen; that is the human request for help. They are in danger and need your help in time. In addition, take the initiative to destroy the enemy before such a call because at a time, there are too many calls for service, and you can’t turn back in time. It’s a disadvantage, and if you can’t help them entirely, you won’t be successful. Each time you kill an enemy, your score increases. It’s an excellent sign to reach new levels and take on different challenges to show your talent. Earn a lot of money to unlock many levels; mastering all situations is an advantage.

Giant Wanted android

Great gun collection

Guns are the only weapon in Giant Wanted for you to kill enemies quickly. In addition to mastering it and aligning the correct shot angle, it is still important to collect many guns. Each type will have its destructive power, so you have many opportunities to try. The right to unlock new guns will be played out through different levels. Players only need to earn money needed to expand their gun arsenal. Using professional sniper ability, pierce the giant’s body. All must-have techniques and wise strategies will help you take control of the game. Align the shooting angle, focus on the target, and fire immediately.

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Battle across multiple spaces

The giant is sent by Giant Wanted to roam around the city; your job is to chase it. Pursuing it to the end, it is understandable to explore many terrains. They were bigger than buildings, and a single footstep was enough to fade. You stand from a distance, so attacking them needs to be extremely careful; you don’t have a lot of shots. Take every opportunity to shoot every time it moves, leaning on buildings to make the bullet fly further. They pass through many parts of the city, which you follow as a raider. Hiding behind a skyscraper or getting close to you, any distance is possible, so be alert.

Giant Wanted apk

Rescue trapped people

Giant Wanted to design a large combat campus, and people were everywhere. Giants can also increase the number of mutants at higher levels, which is scary. Players must pay attention to the call for help from the blue humanoid icons. They were trapped at the giant’s feet or about to be compromised. Each time you save a life, you get the money you deserve. Rescue many lives, chase all the giants away to return this city to normal. Every gesture of your action contributes to helping people escape danger, and hurry up; they are too small to fight the enemy.

Giant Wanted blocks the attack from the Indian giant. They were monstrously large, and the vast city was nothing compared to their bodies. Each step seems to want to crush everything and shake the sky. They are wreaking havoc that frightens people, and nothing can change. Your appearance as a savior for humanity needs to fight now. Huge silhouettes are struggling to approach you; shoot now. Download Giant Wanted mod and destroy the giant to save human life.

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