Gerand MOD APK 1.65 (Unlimited money)

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NameGerand APK
PublisherAIR Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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What do you think about a tank fighting game combined with confrontation? That’s precisely what happens in this Gerand game. First, create the most potent tanks you have. Bring them into individual fighting battles like never before. Perhaps players have seen tanks move in a 3D environment and attack enemy troops. But what about a 2D environment and only two tanks. Gerand incorporated a fighting style into tank battles. Players can only use skills and attacks to attack a single enemy. But not so that the tactics and ingenuity are reduced compared to the traditional genre.

Gerand mod

Download Gerand mod – Tactical confrontation between tanks

Gerand is ready to introduce players to many new tanks with unique designs. Surely you can’t see them in any other game. These tanks are also decorated with eyes to show that they have life. Take these tanks into combat. Because it is a countervailing battle, most will use skills, not tank fire. Each type of tank has its unique skills and fighting style. The whole battle is you, and the opponent will attack in turn. Whoever’s tank is destroyed first loses. The game’s rules are straightforward, but many complex factors are needed to win.

The durability of a tank is shown by its health bar in battle. Each enemy attack will lower the health bar. Going to level 0 means being destroyed means defeat. Everything has an association with the fighting genre. However, it still requires a specific strategy for you to map out and fight with it. Use the arrow to move closer to the shot to be more accurate and deal more damage. Gerand will make players want to learn more about the power of each type of tank. Find a way to counter the right enemy in many difficult matches. Especially when facing other players.

Gerand mod apk

Upgrade more powerful tanks

Fighting will bring you a certain amount of money, depending on the match’s outcome. Use them to buy equipment and upgrade the tank’s firepower. There are three main types of upgrades you should aim for. That is the engine, armor, and gunfire. Upgrade the engine to help the tank move more in battle. If you do not know, moving the tank will consume energy. If you run out of energy, you can’t move anymore. Armor reduces damage from enemy shots. Finally, upgrading the gun increases the damage you deal to the opponent’s tank. Upgrade all three elements to make your tank strong in a comprehensive way.

Gerand mod apk free

Changing tactics through tanks

Being able to play the same tank over and over will make you feel quite bored. If so, renew them now and forever. There are dozens of unique and exciting tanks in Gerand. Most of them stand out because they don’t look like tanks. Different designs and colors create diversity and stimulate the collection of players. But, of course, each tank type has its strengths and weaknesses, like the Leviafan with strong firepower and stable armor. However, its engine is not too strong, so it only moves limited when fighting. Depending on the tank type, you must off your unique playstyle and take down your enemies despite your weaknesses.

Gerand free

One-on-one confrontation all the time

Gerand is your battlefield alone. Because the battles in the game will all be 1vs1 full of tension. So you don’t need to coordinate with teammates or elements at all. Just prepare your most powerful tank. Fully upgrade and bring essential skills into a game. Your opponent may be surprised by the unique strategy you have created. And vice versa, you will feel overwhelmed when facing many highly skilled players. Losing doesn’t mean losing everything. It’s your chance to learn new tactics. Use the right tank power and win all enemies in consecutive battles.

Gerand mod free

Shooting tanks is a game genre that many people love. It requires precision and care in every shot to hit the enemy. Gerand presents it in a completely different way. Take the tanks into a one-on-one duel. Upgrade and use skills reasonably to neutralize the enemy. You need to move, attack, and defend in Gerand mod.

Download Gerand MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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