Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War MOD APK 2.2.9 (Unlimited money)

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NameGalaxy Shooter: Air Force War APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War flies into space and destroys giant enemies. This is a continuous firing challenge from spaceships. They are like warplanes, flying into the sky and releasing bullets that make many people go. For this game, if you are familiar with the genre of shooting chickens or birds, this is the same way to play. It will still be attacking prominent opponents at the top, hitting the bullet in the center of their body. You not only shoot but also dodge because their destructive power is exceptionally top. The battle will be intense, and there is no way back. Just fight confidently, and control the aircraft accurately.

Galaxy Shooter Air Force War mod apk

Download Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War mod – Join the airship war

You will be at the helm of these trains, going straight into space and destroying the stronger ones. The final bosses do not disappoint you; they are many times bigger than you. But that is the challenge for you, no matter how difficult it is to move on. You will have to deal with the mighty, who constantly fire bullets to hinder you. Know that your warship will also upgrade in time and prepare full ammo when it comes to the final boss. But be careful; they are cruel and brutal and do not respect you. They fire bullets from many directions to increase the chance of hitting the enemy. So you shoot and dodge to ensure safety until the end.

Galaxy Shooter Air Force War apk

The space war is always cruel and leaves a lot of pain. You are a strong warrior who does not give up, always ready to fight. Your life is decided by you; happiness or suffering must also be taken. The legendary fighter is on the road, accepting the challenge from Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War. You will also be supplemented with personnel to help and improve the flight process more perfectly. You must avoid bullets and move fluently on the screen to go left and right in time. Players always want to destroy opponents and dominate this vast universe. That ambition is growing, overthrowing the monsters before they rule you too.

Galaxy Shooter Air Force War apk free

Protecting the future of people

You are challenged by the hot solar system but not yet by the wars’ heat. Players make flexible strategies, firing and dodging to protect themselves. When you win, human life will return to the way it was before. Bosses are rampant, and they grow according to the levels you reach. With this critical situation, think of the best plan to shorten the time of victory. The solar system and the future of human life are in your hands. Let’s look forward to the excellent performances from you as a professional leader piloting the aircraft.

Galaxy Shooter Air Force War mod

Join tournaments

There is a dispute between you and the evil boss and other people. Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War establishes a feature that can be played by many people simultaneously. You can challenge others and compete to reach the top of the leaderboard. In this big world, there are so many opponents that nothing can stop you from winning. Tournaments are held regularly, an opportunity to expand relationships and demonstrate talent. The control is also relatively easy for beginners; just focus on the opponent, and everything goes smoothly. Participating in matches will make you mature and accumulate a lot of experience.

Galaxy Shooter Air Force War android

Obstacles to overcome

Not only do the bosses appear last, but you also have to deal with their minions. May or may not be mini versions of the bosses. Before the final battle, a team of tiny monsters appears to puzzle you. Also, perform the regular discharge of bullets, and move flexibly to destroy. They line up neatly above, spanning the entire frame, so you’re out of caution. Shots come from many sides, making it difficult for you to avoid, even those that suddenly rush to you. Everything the monster offers is a surprise for you, not for you. So play a lot to get skills to deal with those villains.

Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War organizes airship battles between enemies and players. The tournament is open worldwide; anyone can participate and accept the challenge. Players have the right to choose a warship before going to battle, upgrading it to the most current level possible. The mission to protect the solar system and humanity is always in parallel with the process of you participating in the challenge. So do good things for this universe and thoroughly destroy the bad guys. Download Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War mod to control super warplanes to space and fight fiercely.

Download Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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