Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter MOD APK 2.9.34 (Unlimited money, cards)

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NameGalaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, cards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Science fiction is inherently an industry that many people care about and research. Now it is also a topic exploited in the game extremely attractive. Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is such a game, offering many great experiences. You will be controlling your spaceship and fighting in space. The drama through each battle screen will also be clearly shown. You will be like a professional pilot, leading the fleet to declare war. Fly into the depths of the universe, and attack the forces of darkness. Expand the area, galaxy where the earth exists.

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter mod

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter mod – Build a cosmic army to destroy evil forces

The context emerges when technology becomes more and more modern in a rather distant future. Humans have always been exploring and discovering new planets in the galaxy. However, things are not favourable when evil forces appear. They plotted to attack and invade the earth. Right in front of this situation, humans united, forming an army to fight together. You will also be one of them, determined to fight to complete the mission. Take orders, and set out to fight opponents. The earth depends on you, use all your strength to stop the formidable action of the enemy.

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter mod free

The operations to perform attacks and moves in Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter are quite simple. Just use your fingers to navigate on the screen and you can fight. Dodge the bullets from the opponent, do not let them hit the target. In addition, you should also collect valuable items and upgrade your spaceship. Join the battle in the air, perform many dangerous attack combos. Timely prevent all actions from the enemy, ready to fight with a high determination. Command the entire fleet to move forward, unleashing impressive skills.

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter mod download

Attack the formidable enemy formation

When you start to enter the matches, you will face quite a lot of alien monsters. Initially, they are not too big, you can completely destroy them just through a few basic attacks. But later on, they are all very dangerous and can destroy the earth immediately. In addition, the enemy’s spacecraft is also decorated more modern and solid. You will need to put in a lot of energy and energy to confront all of them. Hundreds of different types of monsters will appear, and the number is constantly increasing. Players have to face many challenges, even losing their lives. But don’t worry, every mistake in Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter can be redone. So let’s fight and complete the mission of a mighty warrior.

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter mod apk

Fight in multiple modes

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter offers diverse game modes for you to experience. Each level will be a difficult challenge that you need to face. Campaign, Endless, Hard modes are 3 main game modes, including missions for players. Control the spaceship to fly into space, attack all monsters. In addition, to meet the requirements and desires of players, the PVP mode is also being prepared. Here you will be challenged with friends and many other opponents. Try your best to fight, face strong enemy forces, and use all your abilities to defeat them.

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter mod android

Explore and upgrade spaceships

Spaceships or spaceships are also things to be mentioned. This is the vehicle to join you in battle and fly into space. Includes 8 ships possessing unique characteristics and skills depending on each type. Take advantage of the right strengths and navigation to achieve the best results. Upgrade to more and more improved combat vehicles, increasing the enemy’s power to confront. Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter also constantly updates new spacecraft for you to have the best experience. Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter mod space war with a powerful fleet.

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money, cards) for Android

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