Galaxy Control: 3D strategy MOD APK 40.5.42 (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameGalaxy Control: 3D strategy APK
PublisherFXGames Media
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Galaxy Control: 3D strategy is a space strategy battle with a thrilling atmosphere. With the participation of two armies of warriors and opponents will be started. Players will control their warrior characters to confront all enemies. The fight goes on at a pretty fast pace, advancing the action in every area. Coordinate attacks to develop reasonable tactics and promptly deal with any counterattack. Protect the base area, do not let any force invade. Galaxy Control: 3D strategy will be the place to bring fierce confrontation, duel on all fronts.

Galaxy Control 3D strategy mod

Download Galaxy Control: 3D strategy mod – Fierce battle in space

The battle area is quite large, allowing you to step into the battle to declare war. The game brings unique 3D images, every detail is shown in the most specific way. Each battle that breaks out will be the time when you can show your strength. Opponents are also constantly coming, giving the most dangerous counterattacks. What you need to do is to combine with a tight army and attack quickly. Destroying all enemies is also when you get the victory. Conquer all levels of battle, making all enemies fear. The course of the war is reproduced in Galaxy Control: 3D strategy to be the main character. Join the battle on the vast battlefield, complete all the goals.

Galaxy Control 3D strategy mod free

The matches always bring drama, creating great attraction for gamers. Galaxy Control: 3D strategy is one such game, taking place in the pinnacle arena. With the investment of vivid images and characters, the moves are quite realistic. This also makes the player feel like he is on the real battlefield. Lead the entire team to attack, give dangerous attacks to each opponent to lose. Transform into a brave warrior, timely prevent all counterattacks caused by the enemy. Build the strongest army, support each other in all dangerous situations.

Galaxy Control 3D strategy mod download

15 heroes go to war

The forces that will enter the battle are powerful heroic warriors. Galaxy Control: 3D strategy provides 15 heroes possessing various fighting skills. All will contribute to a war army, fighting the enemy. Players play the role of commander and join the battle in every match. Give a specific strategy in each attack, change the way to deal with every opponent. Summon talented warriors with powerful destructive power to form a squad. Arrange the right position for the warrior, create the most dangerous attacks. Each heroic warrior will be an indispensable factor, playing a very important role. Both fight and defend to ensure the safety of the army. 15 heroes will go to battle, creating many special attack combos that make the enemy fall.

Galaxy Control 3D strategy mod android

300 defensive walls

Solid walls will separate your area. Divide all areas that you need to protect to prevent the opponent from attacking. Enemies that appear will also find a way to destroy your base wall. That’s why each player needs to pay attention and destroy them before they action. At the same time, trap bombs and mines to deal significant damage to each enemy when approaching the wall. Use laser towers, missile towers, cannons to aid in the defence. Whether 300 impregnable walls can be intact as the original will also depend on the player. Once the enemy successfully destroys the walls, the base will fall into the most dangerous state. In addition to attacking the battlefield, defending the base is also one of the important tasks for you.

Galaxy Control 3D strategy mod apk

Offensive campaign

Enter a large-scale battle, gathering countless formidable enemies. Challenges will also constantly come and make you face them. The decisive battles in Galaxy Control: 3D strategy will let you confront a large enemy force. They have great destructive power, can take your life with just one attack. Use every available strategy, cutting edge technology to eliminate the opponent. The army will also have to expend a lot of energy when facing the top boss of the enemy. The number of enemies will increase with high levels, it is not easy to defeat them. Coordinate all attacks, create the ultimate army to fight. Download Galaxy Control: 3D strategy mod to destroy the enemy on the fierce battlefield.

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