Funko Pop! Blitz MOD APK v1.17.8 (Unlimited lives)

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NameFunko Pop! Blitz
PublisherEast Side Games Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited lives
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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The jigsaw puzzle is probably the set of toys associated with the childhood of many people. Even adults still have a hobby of playing jigsaw puzzles and assemble. However, one limitation in these sets is the lack of variety in the number of pieces. Also, from that habit and hobby, East Side Games Studio came up with the idea of ​​​​creating a puzzle-style game to meet the needs of players. The game in question is Funko Pop! Blitz mod. This game combines puzzle pieces and fun, colorful cartoon characters. Players will be entering a world with attractive match 3 elements designed on creative ideas.

Funko Pop Blitz mod

Download Funko Pop! Blitz mod – An attractive puzzle game on the phone

Funko Pop! Blitz is known to players as a game based on the familiar puzzle style. This gameplay has been popular in many puzzle games on the market, like Candy Crush Saga, for example. But with Funko Pop! Blitz, the player does not interact with monotonous objects. Instead, it is a system of vivacious and funny characters. Those are all characters coming out of the cartoon world you used to be so enamored with. From the very beginning, gamer Funko Pop! Blitz has made a deep impression and attracted a large number of players. The exciting experiences when participating in solving match 3 puzzles always make players excited.

Funko Pop Blitz mod apk

In Funko Pop! Blitz, the player’s goal is to complete the requirements that the game offers. Gamers of this series must have a sharp mind and observation. The characteristic of the puzzle game lies in the combination of similar elements. Compared to other games, Funko Pop! Blitz has an outstanding advantage in creativity and sophistication. The actions and results that players create will make the world in the game come to life. There are always increasingly complex challenges for players to improve and progress at each level. Funko Pop! Blitz creates an exciting exciting atmosphere for the participants.

Funko Pop Blitz mod android

Dozens of icons to choose from

Leave a comment on the icons in Funko Pop! Blitz is nothing but praise. They are not only beautiful but also highly diverse and creative. The game company knows how to bring familiar cartoon characters into pieces for each level. With this usage, players feel both excitement and novelty. In Funko Pop! Blitz has hundreds of symbols that players can discover. They will form cards that you can collect and explore. These characters are divided into regular characters and rare characters. Based on that, players also know the importance and different benefits of each symbol system.

Funko Pop Blitz mod download

Many challenging levels

With Funko Pop! Blitz players have the opportunity to try out a variety of puzzles. This challenge system is divided into levels. Start from the basic classes and gradually increase the difficulty. Players must complete the previous level to continue to conquer the next level. These unique puzzles will give you a chance to meet characters from Jurassic Park, How To Train Your Dragon, Hello Kitty, and Care Bears. Player achievements will increasingly confirm your talent. This is an excellent opportunity to improve the player’s sharp thinking ability.

Funko Pop Blitz mod free

The power of the explosion effect

Besides the simple swapping and jigsaw puzzles Funko Pop! Blitz also has unique features. Those are matched 3 explosions. The fact that the player owns this feature will help the process of completing the game screen to be significantly improved. Moreover, the number of points players get is also different and increases unexpectedly. Explosions only appear when gamers can create combinations of 5 or more objects simultaneously. Then a series of icons will be deleted. They are like a bomb capable of creating destruction in a large area.

Funko Pop Blitz mod apk free

Exciting weekly events and rewards

Funko Pop! Blitz also attracts players in the events and rewards it brings. The events in this game are organized weekly and are constantly being updated. This is a playground for gamers to exchange and share experiences and achievements. The reward system that Funko Pop! Blitz offers equally attractive. It’s always something that players strive for. With all the outstanding advantages above, the game has been increasingly asserting its success. Download Funko Pop! Blitz mod challenges with puzzles and explores a fascinating character collection.

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