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NameFox Family APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, meat
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The fox is an animal familiar to many people. You may not have seen this animal in real life, but at least you have heard of it or watched it on television. According to popular opinion, the fox is a sharp and greedy animal in nature. Many comparisons have been made to describe someone as sly as this animal. Even at school, the children were told the fable “The fox and the bunch of green grapes.” In addition, these animals also appeared as egg thieves and chicken thieves on the farmer’s farm. So is this animal that bad or not? Let’s explore with Fox Family.

Fox Family mod

Download Fox Family mod – Create your particular fox

With Fox Family, players have the opportunity to create their fox. You will control and lead it in every wild adventure—where the fox stops can be an old forest, a river, or an endless field. Even your foxes sometimes come to human farms. Every place and space has been designed to await its arrival. The fox you created has very high intelligence. It will use that advantage to perform every task. Other characters in the Fox Family can provide these missions. Each mission is a new challenge. By completing the assignment, your fox will receive experience and coins.

Fox Family apk

In this game, the player not only controls the fox in terms of operations. You can also change its appearance to your liking. In your opinion, what is the most outstanding feature of a fox? It is expected that the coat always creates a unique mark on mammals. With Fox Family, you can turn your animal into a red fox, snow fox, black fox, or even a South African fox. A few streaks of light on the coat also make it more attractive. In addition, Fox Family also allows you to change many other details. For example, the size of the nose, eyes, belly, and chin can be adjusted. Making a longer tail or thicker feet is also within your reach.

Fox Family mod apk

Build a family for foxes

Fox is a herd animal. This is a common way of life for many wild animals. Thus, the player Fox Family can help the fox build a family when it finds an object. After returning home, the father fox and the mother fox can give birth to a newborn fox. A happy family of foxes will stand side by side. However, when you have a family, the responsibility of the fox also doubles. He has to work harder to help his family have a warm life. To do that, foxes need to hunt to gather food. Food is an indispensable element in raising a family. As the baby fox grows, it can help you in this task.

Fox Family android

Complete quests to upgrade

With Fox Family, there are many upgrades available to players. You can improve for each individual or upgrade the experience for the entire fox family. The main task is hunting to gain experience and coins. These factors will help you a lot later on. Specifically, players can use it in attack and buy more power or food. With Fox Family, there are also a few elements that give you special abilities. For example, the player can speed up the hunt to become more efficient. It can be said that the more active the fox becomes, the stronger and more mature the fox becomes. Therefore, do not hesitate to let him participate in any challenge at Fox Family.

Fox Family apk free

Meet many interesting animals

The paths your fox travels will be like an adventure in the wild. But this natural world is not the only animal that is a fox. Therefore, it will have to face many other beasts. For example, if passing through a farm, a fox might encounter chickens, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, or dogs. At the same time, it also had to face the banishment of the peasants. When entering the forest, the fox meets many gentle animals such as deer, deer, rabbits, … However, it may have to face more dangerous predators besides that. These include wolves, snakes, and giant spiders. These animals can be hazardous to the fox family. So please be on high alert.

Fox Family is a simulation game for those who love animals. Through this, you will understand more about the world of wildlife and the laws of survival in nature. The manufacturer also focuses this game on audiences over 16 years old. If you are in this group, do not hesitate to come and see the world through the eyes of foxes. Download Fox Family mod and create your fox.

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