Forest Knight MOD APK v0. (Menu/God mode)

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NameForest Knight
PublisherChrono Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Forest Knight is a battle of skill and complex tactics. This game is a vast world where every hero fights with the forces of darkness that appear constantly. Collect heroes and fight turn-based battles on the battlefield in a checkerboard format. Calculate every possible possibility to stay one step ahead of the enemy in combat. Besides, upgrading and equipping heroes to become stronger is equally essential. Based on your heroes, create a perfect squad that both support each other and has superior strength. Welcome to the battle of genius commanders. Forest Knight is your chance to show off your situational reading abilities.

Forest Knight mod

Download Forest Knight mod – Set a strategy to ensure victory

Forest Knight’s plot is a land with many concepts of power and ancient magic. Players lead their heroes through various grounds. Encounter the dark forces on the adventure. Destroy them to protect a kingdom that is about to show signs of collapse. Or meet the gods in search of great ultimate power. Each hero’s battle with the monster forces counts as one level. Win a match to unlock the next level. Like that, you and the heroes will come across many important symbols of the Forest Knight. Seek his purpose and dangerous final battles.

Each turn will be one move of one unit in battle. You and the enemy will choose a random warrior. Move them with a range of one square in each turn. Until the troops of both sides encounter and fight each other. The battle sounds simple, but it is a test of wits between the two sides. Because each warrior has a skill that can affect the range they can move. It wouldn’t be surprising if the enemy could advance two squares instead of one. Or they can stun and not let you move another tile. Combined with strength are things that are very complicated in a particular battle.

Forest Knight mod apk

Reach the maximum rating after the fight

All PvE battlefields in Forest Knight have their rating level. How you deploy your troops and defeat your enemies is up to you. Many conditions need to be fulfilled with the highest rating of 3 stars. You may have to destroy all enemies within a limited time. Or don’t lose any heroes after the fierce battle. These conditions for many early-stage actions can be easily fulfilled. But later, those are complex conditions when the enemy is more potent. So why do players want to win with three stars so much? That’s because when you collect enough stars, you will receive attractive gifts that increase the hero’s strength.

Forest Knight mod apk free

Hero interaction and development

Heroes are the main force that will receive your command to fight. Depending on your level, a battle can bring certain heroes. They all have their roles in putting together. Perhaps you are too familiar with sworders, archers, magicians, guardians, healers… Each warrior is strong in its way. You will equip four weapons for each warrior to help them increase their power effects. Win levels to collect enhancement materials or get rare weapons, depending on luck. In battles, there is also the appearance of rocks and traps. They are obstacles and will affect the struggle a lot.

Forest Knight mod free

Challenge other players

Forest Knight is full of great tactics and gameplay for players to confront each other. Therefore, this game also has its PvP function. Players choose the most robust hero formation they have. Fight against opponents on the same board as in PvE mode. But this time, it will be much more difficult because the object is not a computer system. They are players just like you and own their tactics. The game of wits between two players is always more interesting than between humans and computers. Try to win to achieve high-ranking milestones such as silver, gold, diamond… The more precious the rank, the more it shows the level of the player.

Forest Knight free

Brings to the battlefield in the form of a chessboard that few strategy games pay attention to. Forest Knight can be a new approach if you only play games with popular primary fighting forms. Learn about board moves and how heroes affect activities with skills. It’s almost like the basic turn-based combat you’ve ever experienced. Forest Knight mod will still create uniqueness and motivate players to learn and fight smart to win.

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