Fishing Season MOD APK v1.10.3 (Menu/Damage multiplier)

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NameFishing Season
PublisherNexelon inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Fishing Season new fishing race is now waiting for you to join and become the owner of the most fish. Fishing can be considered entertainment outside of the waiting area, and they can sit and fish until the evening without getting bored. Catching delicious fresh fish and bringing it home to cook the suitable dish is excellent. So do fish hunts everywhere in the Pacific, where there is a lake, fish for us to work. Realistic images bring a vivid feeling, like sitting fishing for real. A small note is that it is not always possible to go fishing to get fish. It all depends on how great your career and luck are.

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Download Fishing Season mod – Become a super master in fishing

Fishing Season takes you to many beautiful experiences when picking up the fishing rod. It would be a modern rod, it wouldn’t take too much effort to pull it, but it would be not easy to control. Those who try that feeling for the first time will be in a panic, unable to throw the lever away. Your fishing gear will be fully prepared from a rod that bends at many angles to a fishing line tens of meters long, fastened in a solid reel system. You do not need to be afraid that for big fish, whether the thin line can hold or not. Because it is incredibly sturdy, fish weighing half a kilo is not a problem.

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Whenever you want to fish, Fishing Season has you covered. The more time a player spends fishing, the more loot they bring. Your fishing skills also increase gradually, and you can even reach the level of closing your eyes and still aiming for the fish to get home. You will open up more terrain for fishing and experience every river through each group. The fish is depicted with a clear image; it feels like you are facing a real fish. They also know how to struggle also want to escape when they fall into your net. But don’t feel sorry for them because of their cuteness and beauty; catch them to become rich.

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Diversity of lakes

A long journey from Amazon to the Pacific Ocean, that distance will be where you directly do business. Such a large scale is enough for you to freely fish and experience many different spaces. The lake is artificial but extremely high quality, and it has been recreated in the style of the fishing grounds. Players can thoroughly explore many lakes and seas with just one phone. The extensive fishing grounds are filled with fish for you to choose from; aim before casting for better results. Even snow and ice, bluewater will also be a challenge for you. Explore the many terrains in Fishing Season for great enjoyment.

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Infinity aquarium

How can such a substantial fishing ground be without beautiful fish, right? The system of super large and diverse fish species will bring many surprises. More than 200 types of fish are stocked in different tanks, from small to large, and even sharks. Players can catch fish like sea bass, sharks, catfish, whales, etc. At first, they were just small and beautiful fish caught for meat, but the challenge was getting bigger and bigger, so the new fish species that appeared also had a certain level of horror. Fish from tropical, salty, or sweet waters are stocked in Fishing Season’s tanks. Rescue them from the vast ocean into your friendly habitat.

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Fishing rod upgrade

An indispensable tool in the fishing career is the fishing rod. Whether the fishing rod is good will also determine the amount of fish you can harvest. Players can choose the color and type of rod they like, but they must have their own opinion. Each class has superior features to the others. If you choose the standard, it will be easier. Skillful hands and a keen eye to open exciting turns. Earn a lot of fish for a chance to upgrade; only then can you progress further. A good assistant should be carefully taken care of to avoid risks when fishing.

Fishing Season covers the world of fish in the rivers of the vast Pacific Ocean. Where fish species thrive, rich species will bring many new feelings. The amount of fish you collect will help make your name famous, known internationally. Draw your plans and goals and try to achieve what you set out to do. To make a fishing career resounding, it has to go through many ups and downs, going up in stages. You will be different from the previous days, reaching the destination faster if there is determination. Download Fishing Season mod, explore colossal fish tank, and become a master fisherman.

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