Firestone MOD APK 1.91 (God mode/Stats multiplier)

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NameFirestone APK
PublisherHolyday Studios
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Stats multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • God mode.
  • Instant energy after a normal hit.

From ancient times to the present, women are often considered the weak sex, a group of weak legs and soft arms. That’s why most warriors or soldiers are usually men. But is that the case? Although the biological structure of men and women is somewhat different. However, that does not mean that women cannot fight. Whether male or female, it is impossible to sit still in the face of danger. If you are a lover of historical dramas, you have probably seen the image of a girl pretending to be a boy to join the army on Chinese television. And with today’s open-mindedness, heroines are also becoming more popular. If you still do not believe it, let’s explore the game Firestone.

Firestone mod

Download Firestone mod – Explore the kingdom of Alandria

Firestone opens up the opportunity for players to explore the colorful world. Coming to this game, you will learn about the kingdom of Alandria. This land is vast. It is located on an island in the middle of the vast ocean. Because of its prime location, Alandria cannot avoid being watched. Therefore, participating in Firestone is also when you participate in endless battles. Players will experience extreme weather, from icy winters to fiery summers. Anytime and anywhere, wars can break out. Firestone will tell you stories of fairies or rumors of sacred dragons. There were also dwarves, monsters, and zombies.

Firestone is classified as an idle fighting game. Thus, players can act nonstop without effort. You can fight from Tortuga bay to the tropical ebony forest and still not get tired. Simple clicks can also help you destroy monstrous enemies. Even the AFK mode allows the heroes to fight entirely on their own. In each confrontation, you always see the magical effect that Firestone brings. In addition, this game also has a lot of events with unique missions. Through it, players can bring back countless meaningful and valuable rewards. Don’t miss them; add events to your timetable to boost your achievements.

Firestone mod apk

A diverse team of heroes

To survive and fight in Alandria, players need to create a battle formation. Collaboration is the key to success. The unique thing about Firestone is that a squad can include many heroes of different origins. For example, it could be a magician, a knight, or even an archer. Although not in the same field, it is an advantage. They can use their characteristics to support and help each other in battle. The player can find and unlock new heroes while exploring the kingdom. The more heroes, the stronger the squad becomes. In addition, you can help them maximize their ability by leveling up and increasing the necessary skills.

Firestone android

Non-stop battles

Firestone is where heroes fight nonstop. However, the player – the controller can comfortably relax because the manufacturer has added AFK mode to Firestone. Therefore, when you do nothing, the knights and heroes destroy monsters. If the player wants to speed up the operation, click the mouse to fight more madly. That’s how you give your opponent a deadly rain of bullets. Whether it’s a zombie, a boss, or a monster, it’s hard to resist. Besides, you can also participate in PVP combat with other players in Firestone. It’s time to prove and find out who is truly the strongest to rule this land of Alandria.

Firestone apk free

Upgrade and develop

The options for upgrading and evolving in Firestone are limitless. First, players are entitled to upgrade equipment for their heroes. There are many valuable things like swords, swords, or armor. In addition, Firestone also helps players become crafting wizards. Because, through research and preparation, you can create your magic. This element contributes to knocking down the enemy in just a moment. It also allows you to get to the top of the leaderboard. Besides, Firestone also opens up opportunities for exchange. Players can join guilds to make friends and support each other. There are also buffs for members to increase rewards or unlock items.

Firestone is an excellent and refreshing role-playing game. Through this, we can see the strong image of female warriors defending the country. They are ready to side with men to overcome difficulties and fight monsters and zombies. The unique thing in Firestone is countless but certainly will not disappoint you. Download Firestone mod and become a hero on a unique island.

Download Firestone MOD APK (God mode/Stats multiplier) for Android

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