Fireline Merge Defense 3D MOD APK 6.2.8 (Menu/Increased gold)

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NameFireline Merge Defense 3D APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Increased gold
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Fireline Merge Defense 3D is an engaging strategy game that offers addictive gameplay. The player’s task is to defend the tower against the opponent’s attack. The novelty in the gameplay has attracted many gamers to participate. Defeat the Cube army, do whatever it takes to get the victory. Engage in intense battles, and perform fierce attacks. Merge cannons to deal powerful damage, defeating all evil bosses. Complete the mission and get the maximum score after each battle. Become a winning player if you know how to take advantage of opportunities and fight hard.

Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod

Download Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod – Merge cannons to attack opponents

Strategy games are no longer strange to gamers. This is considered one of the game genres many players are interested in. Therefore, the innovation in the game is also what they have been waiting for for a long time. To meet that, Fireline Merge Defense 3D was released. Players will be immersed in every fierce battle, confronting a powerful wave from the cubes. To fight them all, you need to use the cannons to attack. When all are broken, the victory will be yours. A challenging journey takes place for you to prove your fighting ability.

Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod free

Starting with the game, the battle screen will also be displayed. The cannons have been provided and positioned for you to attack. Deadly bosses, blocks are what you need to destroy. There will be many challenges that each player needs to face in the immediate future. The counter-attack from the opponent, just not focusing will also fall to defeat at any time. Arrange the cannons in the appropriate position, giving the most impressive attack. Everything will no longer be an obstacle when seizing the opportunity and mastering the game.

Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod download

Attack in many directions

To destroy the blocks, destroy the boss, you need to navigate the cannon. Aim at each target you want and execute the attack. These cannons are capable of attacking in many different directions. This also creates many advantages for players. Expand your scope of activities, and proceed to break every goal you are aiming for. Be proactive in all situations, and conquer all levels. Create impressive destructive combos, not giving opponents a chance to counterattack. Carry out continuous artillery fire and quickly complete the task with excellence.

Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod apk

Unlock a variety of cannons

The main weapon in Fireline Merge Defense 3D is the cannon. Players can discover a variety of different cannons in the arsenal. This is a powerful weapon with great attack power. Once you have mastered the use and navigation of the cannon, confronting the counterattack is no longer an obstacle. Fireline Merge Defense 3D also provides an intuitive control panel for players to perform operations easily. Select and merge all cannons to increase their power. Take advantage of all the cannons that Fireline Merge Defense 3D has available to defeat the opponent quickly.

Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod android

Destroy the cubes

In front of the cannon are blocks arranged in rows. When the game starts, it will be time for the player to break all those blocks. When you complete the task, you will receive coins. Collect more money, the opportunity to upgrade the fortress is also not far away. Take advantage of the big cannon to create many breakthroughs in attacks, causing all cubes to be broken. Conquer the next level, and defeat the Cube army. Download Fireline Merge Defense 3D mod to navigate the cannon to destroy blocks, deadly bosses full of danger.

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