Fire Zone MOD APK FZS.0313.GP (Unlimited money)

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NameFire Zone APK
PublisherSuper Fun Casual Games Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The entertainment game market has always had no shortage of shooting games. Each game has its unique character designed by the manufacturer. Fire Zone, too, no exception. This shooting game is in the classic anti-terrorist style. Indeed this gameplay is very familiar to many excellent gamers among you. It’s completely free, and more importantly, it can be played without an Internet connection. Despite possessing a typical motif, you can rest assured that Fire Zone is not bland. Super Fun Casual Games Studio maker never disappoints its fans. So let’s take up arms and prove it in Fire Zone, warrior.

Fire Zone mod

Download Fire Zone mod – Join the anti-terrorist shooting battle

Fire Zone is a game highly suitable for those with a sharp focus and will. Because of this match, you have to rely on yourself 100%. A vast city now only has you – the only man left. Danger, gunfire, and death can come from all sides. You are already surrounded, unfortunately. Those who surround and follow you are no ordinary people. They are the bravo – an army notorious for being elite and bloodthirsty. Holding guns to fight is the only way to survive and live in this city. It’s time to put the combat skillset you’ve accumulated for a long time into practice.

Fire Zone apk

The enemy is very crowded, so do not be foolish to rush out to face the gun. Just tiptoe, gently approach. The consequences will be dire if your little mistake touches the bravo team. Therefore, you need to move secretly into the area that the enemy is controlling. Then finish them off in the fastest way. The faster you act, the closer the bravo’s ability to resist you is to 0%. Players must trust themselves to protect their lives against the bravo elite squad. Don’t forget to have a swat strategy available to you. Various other available weapon resources Fire Zone also gives you the freedom to use. The only condition is that you shoot down the enemy.

Fire Zone apk free

Conquer tough missions

In the dense smoke of the Fire Zone, there are up to 20 missions that you must be ready to face. They are not easy because the ultimate goal is to defeat the bravo elite team at your hands. And, of course, to stay alive and stay safe. If you encounter some impossible missions or thrilling secret challenges, don’t be discouraged. The reward for the strong is always waiting for you after the quest is completed. The generous bonuses will let you afford to buy more new weapons. But, you know, bravo, an elite team is not just one person. In addition, each soldier also possesses many different abilities and weapons ready to finish you off.

Fire Zone android

State-of-the-art weapon system

Not to be outdone by other shooting games, Fire Zone has an arsenal of countless weapons. For example, many famous ammunitions are M1911, MP5, AK47, and M4. Although the number of these weapons is not too much, do not be in a hurry to be disappointed. Very soon, many more advanced strategic weapons will be added to the list of Fire Zone. Try to excel in missions to earn money to buy them. At the same time, you also can increase firepower. This ability contributes a great advantage to defeat bravo in harsh border battles. Do not forget to use the modern radar system of the Fire Zone. It will provide orientation and several bravo members. From there, you can choose the right strategy to go.

Fire Zone mod apk

Shooting with a first-person perspective

Currently, many trendy shooting games often use a third angle. But Fire Zone still does not need to race with that trend to attract many players. Legendary terrorist battles in the Fire Zone still apply the classic first-person perspective. This is an excellent condition for you to experience the natural, thrilling every minute. Controlling, aiming, and releasing bullets is smoother and more straightforward than many other games. Not to mention Fire Zone’s revolutionary 3D design. From the image of the warrior, the city scene, to the sunset sky, all are 99% true to reality. Many super details such as rust stains on the corrugated iron roof or moss growing on old brick walls are reproduced.

A completely free shooting game that can be played anytime, anywhere, so why wait? Fire Zone offers you the most original and classic series of shooting experiences. Immerse yourself in character from a first-person perspective to feel the dramatic changes in this terror. You alone and the star bravo team, but I don’t know which side is extreme. Download Fire Zone mod and fight with bravo elite army.

Download Fire Zone MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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