FictIf: Interactive Romance MOD APK 1.0.49 (Free premium choices)

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NameFictIf: Interactive Romance APK
MOD FeaturesFree premium choices
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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FictIf: Interactive Romance interacts with romantic stories, goes through challenges, and finds information about yourself. Come to Miami in 1980 to feel the incidents that are not worth it, but you still have to solve. Rising sea waves make the whole city riot, causing you to move to Man City. When you come here, you meet the driver’s eyes and fall into the love story from here. You came here for one more thing: to find out about your grandmother’s death. You are the sole heir, which puts you at stake. Start your journey to discover new people, reach them, and get the information you need.

FictIf Interactive Romance apk

Download FictIf: Interactive Romance mod – Choose your journey

You come to the magical land, experience the unexpected, and the goal of finding the truth is fulfilled. The characters can be good people or dangerous people who always have evil plots. You meet, make new friends, and join the warrior squad. The quest to save the world also appears in your journey. When coming here, the opportunity to find a mate is easy; enjoying and interacting with it brings attraction. Fulfill your wish, and be happy with the one you love; the adventure is always prolonged. All choices are up to you, the outcome you have to take. Life sublimated or deadlocked will still be a mystery for you to exploit.

FictIf Interactive Romance mod

With fascinating details, hidden racing secrets have made the adventure more mysterious. Your own stories, but strangers are the holders of the information. When you come to such a strange place, it makes sense to adapt and follow what the older adult said. But your will must be strong to decide your destiny. You will find clues about your grandmother’s death by answering the questions. Sequence the events you have gone through, both realizing the truth and finding the right person. The journey of discovery will leave an impression if you know how to interact with the characters in FictIf: Interactive Romance.

FictIf Interactive Romance apk free

Follow the plot

Each character of FictIf: Interactive Romance shows the emotional side. Inclusive stories change things up quickly. You can choose pronouns to be consistent in the entire story that you go through. He, she, or them, there are many ways for you to interact according to the plot that has been built. New friends have come to you, planting strange ideas in your head; listening or not is up to you. Each person will tell a story about their life and the wish they wanted to fulfill at that time. When you empathize, you want to stay in a relationship with that person. Feel every detail in the story, and make informed decisions.

FictIf Interactive Romance android

Into the net of love

The city of Eonia wants you to become the god of love, giving happiness to everyone. The boys are looking to enjoy the happy ending, and they will get married to the person they love. But to help them, you need to perform the tasks that come from the Oracle, which requires physical fulfillment, speech, and the great qualities of a god of love. You also do not need to worry too much because wonderful companions are always by your side. Six immortal gods are nearby, suggesting you the direction to answer Oracle’s questions. FictIf: Interactive Romance offers a few minor quests to increase the appeal so that you don’t become meaningless in the city.

FictIf Interactive Romance mod apk

Against the terminator

FictIf: Interactive Romance transports you to the 1920s Gatsby era, where gangsters are at their best. The disastrous outcome or the successful destruction of him all depends on your ability. Attractive guys will also go out of their way to protect you, making you resentful. According to them, waiting for the results is also nervous; what will be the answer to whether they want to be the boys’ girlfriend? Is your decision to go with them to enjoy the sweet story and deal with those gangsters? The process of destroying the bad guy will be the moment you find true love. The more complex the situation, the more spiritual love is genuinely worthy.

Join FictIf: Interactive Romance on a journey to find the truth and fall in love with lightning. It’s not too hard to meet friendly strangers. After interacting with the question on the screen, you will better understand the opponent. Travel worldwide, exploring every nook and cranny of this magical city. Bright faces are waiting for your approval in love. Will the love affair in a strange place be successful? Download FictIf: Interactive Romance mod, receive love from the charming boys in the city.

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