Farm Town: Happy Farming Day MOD APK v3.55 (Unlimited money)

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NameFarm Town: Happy Farming Day
Publisherforanj - farm day games & paradise township hotels
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Farm Town: Happy Farming Day lets you take care of the garden. Every day, you will check and fertilize the crops. At the same time, breed valuable pets and grow them. You will be the owner of the barracks and start living here. Building for the farm to grow more and more, there are more big projects. Farm Town: Happy Farming Day will be one of the interesting farm games. Let you get started with life in the countryside, like hardworking farmers, harvest and care for the garden to be green. Increase production and for the farm to be larger. Quickly get the big harvest and become the rich boss.

Kill your spare time by going to Farm Town: Happy Farming Day. Go to the garden and explore to grow crops and raise livestock. To build a farm with enough varieties of plants and animals. You want to enjoy life with activities here. Starting a new day with jobs such as tending cows, weeding, harvesting rice… All of these are jobs for a real farmer. To be a farm owner is not too difficult. Come to Farm Town: Happy Farming Day and experience all activities in the most exciting way. Do things you’ve probably never done before, tending a variety of pets.

Farm Town Happy Farming Day mod

Download Farm Town: Happy Farming Day mod – Take care of plants and animals

Carry out animal husbandry and grow food crops. Every day is watered and cared for regularly to harvest quickly. Farm Town: Happy Farming Day will let players come to the barracks and run it. To expand the scale and achieve the set targets. Farm Town: Happy Farming Day is a place for players to exercise their labor ability. Work hard and work hard every day to get great results. Come to the peaceful village and return to the peasant life. Temporarily away from the city, come to the farm and perform manual labor that is hard but also brings a lot of joy. Enjoy the atmosphere and live with the people who make it here.

Farm Town Happy Farming Day mod free

Plant trees and make the garden green

Diversity of crops for the player to make. Fruit trees and much more. Quickly make the garden will be filled with green. Sow seeds and take care of the day by day. In addition, rice is also the main food crop that is grown the most. Bring high output and income for people. Choose and plant on the land you want. Fertile and lush places are conditions for plants to grow faster. Explore the lands to get more farming areas. Farm Town: Happy Farming Day will give you more knowledge about trees. At the same time, know how to care for them to grow up and achieve high productivity. Own your own when the garden is full of varieties.

Farm Town Happy Farming Day mod apk

Build your own farm

The barns with large scale to be able to herd many different animals. Cows, pigs, chickens… all are familiar pets, easy to raise. Feed them and clean the barns to keep them clean. Create more breeds of pets. It is both a source of food and a way to sell and increase income. Also, open grocery stores and sell various supplies. Serving the needs of daily life and many visitors come to visit. Refer them so they can buy more, and that’s how you get money. Decorate with furniture, furniture, and many more items. Create a barracks full of livestock and essential food.

Farm Town Happy Farming Day mod android

Expand more scale

Let’s expand the barracks more spacious and make the scale larger. Farm Town: Happy Farming Day gives players plans and executes them quickly. Expanding barns, gardens, exploiting and cultivating new lands. Build zoos for more people to visit. At the same time, distribute many new fruits and export them. Trade many different items by the plants that you have taken care of. The hard work and the way you do it every day will bring about a bountiful harvest. From there has more money, build more new farm facilities. Make the garden appear full of fruit trees. Download Farm Town: Happy Farming Day mod to grow trees and raise animals at the barracks.

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