Factory 4.0 MOD APK 0.5.3 (Unlimited money/ High worker, filling speed)

Updated 9 months ago
NameFactory 4.0 APK
PublisherVGames Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/ High worker, filling speed
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Factory 4.0 gives you the playground of a factory manager, take part in production challenges to become rich. Go to unique products, sell them in the market, and get huge money. You are challenged with many different product lines, each with its process. Mastering the factory system, you will become the world’s number 1 business boss. Build a business with dubious challenges but awesome rewards. You will carefully select the automatic machines to be idler when playing. Speeding up the product, selling it, and waiting for the money to come back it’s that simple.

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Download Factory 4.0 mod – Start an industrial factory

The process in the factory is decided by your hand; any damage is also responsible. It would help if you operated it smoothly; try not to make an unfortunate error. Usually, the machines run continuously in 4 rows, regularly, sot the product is created periodically. The level of growth also depends significantly on your talent, so improving every day is essential. Understanding your product and machine running cycle, you look so leisurely. Great bonuses are also waiting for you; Factory 4.0 will not regret paying you. Your product deserves more than expected. Moreover, the level increases rapidly.

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Toy production is the source of the goods you are after. The art of making goods is also a big deal that you need to strengthen over time. Set a goal, and conquer it to be at the top of the traders. Many other players also have their operating styles; your strategy is not the same as anyone else’s. So arrange the running time reasonably so that no precious time is wasted. Start a business from simple to complex, earn money gradually, and become rich. Let’s expand the production scale and add new resources to prove your skill is not bad. Please create your own business and develop it forever.

Factory 4.0 apk

Recruiting staff

Initially, you may work alone, but through many levels, the volume of goods increases, and you cannot keep up. At that time, the selection of new employees is understandable; players must also be proactive in recruiting to support themselves. The workers will take on the manual work, and now you have become the boss. Each row will have a maximum of 5 employees; the machine continuously requires them to do the same. Paying them well will help you get more results and spend more on hiring staff, but it’s worth it. Continuous recruitment accelerates the production of goods to earn vast amounts of money. Expand more branches, so more employees have job opportunities.

Factory 4.0 mod apk

Product diversification

Factory 4.0, right from the challenge, has given you a product line of toy animals. This is the first source of goods for you to produce. The distribution system of goods has become more diversified, and other products have also been introduced, such as paint palettes, popcorn, hats, and many other items. Players will actively unlock those items to increase production. Rich in products is also a stepping stone for you to be more successful in the market. Meeting the needs of customers and the warehouse you export will be a great success. Develop a company with 20 types of goods and carefully manage products before shipping.

Factory 4.0 mod

Become the richest

Harvesting your money is also quick, happening as soon as the item is born. Players need to sit and click to collect billions of dollars at home. The ranking of Factory 4.0 will appear, and formidable opponents, business tycoons, will also gradually appear. You are also fighting step-by-step to move up the ladder. Product development potential is up to you to decide and choose your favorite item. Players can also observe which products sell the most, from which there is a clear direction. Each item is converted into money, and update changes, if any. The goal of becoming the wealthiest person in the world is getting close.

Factory 4.0 opens up the modern factory 4.0 simulation with everything run by machines. But it is undeniable that having more workers will speed up progress. The business is in your hands, the decision belongs to the player, so you are free to choose. You need to think about the best options to have more products born. When earning considerable money, the boss’s position is entirely yours. Your goal is to build a career with your own hands and develop it in a good direction. Reaching the highest crown of the rich, luxury begins here. Download Factory 4.0 mod, and experience the feeling of mastering a modern factory with many challenges.

Download Factory 4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited money/ High worker, filling speed) for Android

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