Exile Survival MOD APK v0.54.0.3028 (God mode)

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NameExile Survival
PublisherPride Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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MOD Infomation

Enemies can’t attack you even you attack them, they give you some hits then will stop
They will move to you after you chase them, but when you run way they will back to their zone as they cannot see you

Survival life is never easy, and it always brings many dangers. If you have not yet dared to face that, you can experience it in the game. Exile Survival is a game that realistically reproduces everything living in the desert. Faced with poverty, a giant enemy. You alone will have to take care of your life provide for your own living. Every situation that occurs needs to be resolved quickly to survive. Destroy every evil opponent, win the battles. Experience survival and go to large areas, protect your own life.

Exile Survival mod

Download Exile Survival mod – Survive in the wild desert

So far, the survival fighting game has always attracted many players. Bringing many different levels of emotions for each gamer. The fear of confronting the big monster bosses, the worry of running out of food for the meal. Every feeling will be experienced when you participate in playing Exile Survival. Although it is just a simulation of life and a battle journey, the experience is no different from reality. The game will also require you to have the bravery of a hero, ready to fight. Work together with survivors to prevent the actions of the evil enemy in time.

Exile Survival mod free

Life and death will begin, appearing in front of a vast desert. This place is barren land, with no potential to live. Moreover, many types of monsters appear, constantly aiming for humans to attack. Moving to each area will make you face many difficulties. Find a way to deal with any situation that occurs, not allowing the enemy to achieve the goal. It all depends on how the player performs, destroying bloodthirsty monsters. Build bases to inhabit develop for life in the desert. Gather every survivor into a mighty army against the enemy.

Exile Survival mod download

Destroy wild enemies

The formidable enemies in Exile Survival are all wild animals and monsters. They have no humanity, performing all actions aimed at killing humans. Spiders, scorpions, tigers, amazons, and more. The number will continuously increase, making you overwhelmed because of it. The path that you take will constantly encounter difficulties when facing bosses. They have strong destructive power that can sweep everything quickly. It is also a way to test your patience dare to face everything that happens. Successfully killing monsters will also help increase power stats improve new skills during battle.

Exile Survival mod android

Customize your barbarian

Your companion character can be customized to your liking. Change hairstyle, skin color, outfit, tattoo through each battle. Upgrade the required strength and skills to deal with all monsters. Create a barbarian ready to destroy the enemies that appear to master the wilderness. Customize at any time, transform your character with a unique appearance. Lead warriors to battle, giving the most potent attack combos. Exploit all the abilities and strengths of the surface to have a perfect fighting way.

Exile Survival mod apk

Finding food, crafting vehicles

It is impossible to live without food. Hunting animals in the forest, processing into dishes. Collect all available materials to give life. Besides, a means of transportation also brings many benefits. You should go to locations to collect trophies to create motorbikes. The car will help move faster, dodging all attacks from the enemy. Find and use it properly, renovate everything to maintain daily life. Craft weapons such as bows and crossbows, arrows to destroy bloodthirsty monsters. Self-sufficient in necessities, surviving in the wild.

Experience living in a barren, lifeless desert. Face consecutive attacks from bloodthirsty monsters to stay alive. Players will get the victory when they destroy all enemies. Also, meet NPCs to learn about everything before understanding human history. Build a base, a solid wall to hide from all forces. Download Exile Survival mod to fight to survive become a brave warrior.

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