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The earth, as it is now, takes millions of years to form. The efforts of nature and all species have contributed to gradually creating and making the world reach the level of development in which we live. Research, artifacts, and conjecture about the historical periods of the earth are so numerous that it is challenging to make statistics. However, there are still holes, mysterious and discrete passages that human science has not yet answered. And you, do you want to learn about where you are? Evolution Idle Tycoon will help you. This game simulates the process of the earth forming from many different stages. You will be the one to create the ground yourself in Evolution Idle Tycoon. How similar will your world and reality be?

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod

Download Evolution Idle Tycoon mod – Explore and create the world

With Evolution Idle Tycoon, players can directly embark on creating the world instead of simply observing history. Starting from small islands, you will build up a large continent. The territories gradually juxtaposed to form a crowded world with many activities. And sure enough, reaching a predetermined development point, the world in Evolution Idle Tycoon will move on to another significant historical step. The Stone Age and Ancient Rome may be unfamiliar but now experience them for yourself in this exciting game. In particular, not only has the old era as mentioned above, but Evolution Idle Tycoon also allows you to build a simulated future.

Evolution Idle Tycoon apk

The rules of the game that Evolution Idle Tycoon set out are straightforward. A baby over three years old is also capable of creating the world. The game emphasizes the earth’s formation from the roots, so we must also start from the tiny atoms. You need to touch and repeatedly click on the atom icon to increase the number continuously. Thereby, many atoms will merge, and an object will appear. An example is a tiny island. You wouldn’t expect such a small atom to form such a large territory. But such is the law of nature. In Evolution Idle Tycoon, accumulation and collection will create the ladder for you to position as a tycoon hegemony in the world.

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod apk

From the stone age to the future era

In Evolution Idle Tycoon, you don’t simply create the world to live in. Instead, design features that distinguish one period from another. But, of course, there are always milestones and progress, so history is divided into several stages. First, when people appeared, built houses, and lived daily, it proved a new era. Using stones as utensils and cooking food is different from the Stone Age. Upgrading to ancient times cannot ignore the Roman empire. Rome’s magnificence and structures are entirely different from the old thatched-roof houses. You are building the Future Age by the time buildings, floors, leaning towers, or factories appear.

Evolution Idle Tycoon android

Diversify the biological world

To advance and score points as you evolve through the ages, fill your island because life is the most apparent distinction between earth and countless planets in the other universe. Evolution Idle Tycoon gives you a lot to choose from. There are empty islands, animals, people, houses, and even stones. Each group of items varies by size and type. For example, animals with birds, fish, deer, horses, or tigers. Green trees have forest coast, northern beaches, forested hills, forest plains, and plateaus. Of course, you don’t have all of them in an instant. Must pass each level; new items are gradually unlocked. Try to make the world come alive with all the terrains and creatures.

Evolution Idle Tycoon apk free

Bonuses and attractive gifts

Evolution Idle Tycoon not only has simple game rules. Receiving rewards in this game is extremely easy. You can pick up wooden chests floating in the blue sea. Please don’t leave them because they’re full of treasures. In addition, the daily reward of Evolution Idle Tycoon is equally generous. You can also try your luck with the lucky wheel with many surprises. Watching the video can give you a few more chances to win. Spend a little more time with them. The value of trees, creatures, and furniture in Evolution Idle Tycoon are all attributed to the number of atoms formed. So through gift boxes and treasure chests, try to accumulate this special gold.

Although the design is not the most sophisticated, Evolution Idle Tycoon still satisfies the eyes of the player. The harmonious colors between the ocean, the forest, and the brilliance of all species make it easier to associate with the real world. A game experience that is both historical and creative and accessible. Even offline, there is still a chance to get many rewards. Download now Evolution Idle Tycoon mod and become a tycoon in your world.

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