Eroica MOD APK 1.6.3 (Menu/Skill CD/Mp/Damage)

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NameEroica APK
PublisherFourThirtyThree Inc.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Skill CD/Mp/Damage
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation


Skill CD/Mp (activate before you enter the Stage)
Damage (Enemy also)
Ignore Enemy on the Map
Freeze Turn (all killed enemy die after you deactivate this feature)


Damage, defence multiple

Eroica joins the team of heroes; everyone is full of talent, opening many new storylines to explore. Japanese style with fierce battles between humans and monsters. You play as Eroica, a beautiful girl who’s mission is to quell the demons when she comes to this world. The other characters are also excellently created; you and the other players re-appear extremely. After the battles, you collect many magical spells and new energy to defeat the opponent. All your moves will be recorded by the game and sorted into an automatic system. You can launch a recent movement anytime, blocking or countering the enemy.

Eroica apk

Download Eroica mod – Join the unique adventure

Eroica has an action character but is reconciled by the cartoon beauty of the characters. Players immerse themselves in their beauty, shaping their friends. You have the right to choose who will be on your team, analyzing each person’s abilities before doing something. Bring many surprises with magic, leading to victory after matches. You are not alone when performing fierce battles. For your skill, it will make a historic battle; all transformations apply. Enjoy this unique world, giving yourself the most satisfying ending since the adventure began.

Eroica mod

Exploring the plot of Eroica is also essential, delving into the character’s personality to better understand. From there, the tactics are just like that to make the right decisions. A magical fantasy world but highly unique, everything comes to you most naturally. Unity in teammates is essential, not only the strength of an individual but making it all. Leverage your full potential in competition for more advanced matchmaking flexibility. Monsters are increasingly aggressive and scream when they see you, eating you alive. Everything seems scary, but your fighting spirit is always firm, counterattacking the opponent.

Eroica mod apk

Discover the ultimate character

Eroica designed more than 60 enchantingly beautiful and handsome characters, each with their personality. Everyone has a different starting story, but in general, it will still be to destroy monsters and protect the world. They have a big idea in common and agree to participate in the tournament. That is the greatest thing about every hero; they act for people. Owning all the characters, you will fully discover the back story of this game. They will bring a surprise to you, with a texture unlike any other on the same ride. Combining character duos to show their chemistry, they teamed up to defeat the enemy’s plot.

Eroica apk free

Master the story

You can be creative with the ending of each story you discover. This feature in Eroica helps players enjoy and freely develop their ideas. The one who decides all possible circumstances, happy endings or not. It depends on your talent, and you must destroy the opponent first. If not, the opportunity to be the author of the story I write will be far away. You are enthusiastic about your account, and I hope it conveys all your feelings. Depending on the battle situation, choose for yourself the happiest ending. Even if it is true, it will leave many beautiful memories, and Eroica will keep it for players.


Fierce battles

It was not easy to deal with the rampant monsters in Eroica. They are large and massive, making players overwhelmed at first. They are equally powerful; the deeper they go to the next level, the more aggressive they show. Players also have to rely on each case to have a suitable strategy. The spells will be given top priority. The beautiful rotations, along with the magic spells, knock the enemies away. The dragons flying in the sky are challenging to control; you also have to jump up and run after them. Fighting in the sky or ground shows your top spirit and strategy.

Eroica and the player write their own story, looking around to predict the ending. You also have to upgrade yourself to not be weak to the enemy. Always be on the lookout for their macabre plots; they can run rampant at any time, day and night. You fight bravely every day, accept many challenges but still persevere through. It is the will of the hero who is always directed towards people. Choose teammates to join the battle when there is big trouble in the jungle. Download Eroica mod and enjoys the unique world with tons of magical magic.

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