Era of Magic Wars MOD APK 1.3.02 (Unlimited money, resources)

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NameEra of Magic Wars APK
PublisherTINYSOFT - slots, slot machines & casino games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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You need enough first, and all never decrease when you spent

What do you think if you become a commander of a legion of mythical creatures? Sounds a bit unrealistic, right? But those are the experiences that each player has when coming to Era of Magic Wars mod. You will be the companion of the creature warriors to participate in fascinating battles. Show off the military capabilities you possess through the very leadership you apply to your troops. Make your opponents fear and stay away when they see the appearance of the army. The terrible power that the creatures possess will be unleashed in fiery battles. Are you ready to lead your mighty warriors? Hit the road now!

Era of Magic Wars mod

Download Era of Magic Wars mod –  War of Epic Heroes

Becoming an epic hero is the player’s goal. With Era of Magic Wars, you will use the cards in your hand to do this. These cards are the creature system that Era of Magic Wars brings. The era of magic in the game will open up the opportunity for you to assert yourself and your power. Era of Magic Wars emphasizes the strategic ability of each player. Accordingly, you will have to draw up appropriate and effective battle plans. Each warrior and opponent must have ways of fighting and exploiting their power. Era of Magic Wars is a battle of wits for talented military men.

Era of Magic Wars mod apk

Entering the battles in Era of Magic Wars, you will feel the fierceness in each scene. Gamers need to have a way of seeing and grasping the situation in many directions. However, you are allowed to freely develop the gameplay. However, it still needs to have specific goals to follow. Intelligence and flexibility are the keys for players to devise the most effective way to deal with them. Even if there are strong warriors who do not know how to exploit, failure is natural. Top leaders show your moves to become the ultimate winner. Era of Magic Wars does not limit any player’s actions. What matters is how you turn it into maximum power.

Era of Magic Wars mod android

Power upgrading

Era of Magic Wars brings a system of more than 50 different creatures. Each creature is a warrior with its unique abilities and sources of power. This is the basis for you to create an invincible army. Especially when players know how to upgrade the power source of each individual. The battle ahead is long and thorny. The initial challenges were nothing. Real opponents are waiting for you on the next battlefield. Without thorough preparation in all aspects, it won’t be easy to overcome. Power-up is one aspect of that preparation.

Era of Magic Wars mod download

Conquer the dark tower

Dark Tower is an attractive place that attracts players. It contains the most powerful opponents in the Era of Magic Wars. And not every army can conquer the dungeon. Only when players have reached certain levels should they participate in this conquest. Coming to the battle environment in the dark is not a small challenge. It will limit the ability of the warriors to observe and act. But in return, when the player wins, the reward achieved will be different.

Era of Magic Wars mod free

Experience the fascinating PVP mode

PVP mode will bring players to arenas that converge the top outstanding heroes. Free to choose who you play and compete with. The battle experienced will be more dramatic when the opponents have diversity. Show off the skills you’ve accumulated and honed over time. Download Era of Magic Wars mod lead an army of epic heroes to battle and assert their strength against opponents.

Download Era of Magic Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android

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