Elroi : Defense War MOD APK v1.17.06 (No limit to summoning)

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NameElroi : Defense War
MOD FeaturesNo limit to summoning
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • Summoning not be consumed

Elroi : Defense War bring adventure trip with battles. The player will move towards the enemy and start performing with the wars. The battle strategy game is no stranger to gamers. Elroi : Defense War will bring exciting levels for you to attack. Start with a challenging journey, facing dangerous enemies. Players will join with teammates, quickly destroy all opponents. Open a fierce battle for players to start with intense confrontation.

Elroi Defense War mod

Download Elroi : Defense War mod – Destroy enemy residence towers

Test yourself against a series of evil enemies, with malicious plots. They appear with a large force, and you will have to fight them. Not only wars, Elroi : Defense War also allows players to explore many new locations. Quickly destroy enemy towers, ensuring your safety. Those monsters will always find a way to take your life. Step into battle and perform fierce attacks. Don’t give them a chance to counterattack, disintegrating their army. The game with many game modes does not disappoint players.

Elroi Defense War mod apk

The tower of the enemy is the goal that you need to achieve. Destroy it so that the monster has no place to live. They also fight and defend very closely, requiring you need to put in a lot more effort. Prevent their dangerous actions. To be able to topple the tower, you need to work a lot more than that. A trip with challenges awaits players ahead. Simple battles bring you a whole new experience. Show strength through each attack, do not give up before a mighty army. Conquer on all fronts with hostile forces.

Elroi Defense War mod download

Battle front

The battle area is expanded, the enemy gathering places are crowded. Go to every continent, explore various levels. Each level will bring tasks for you to perform. The terrain will also affect how you fight. Quickly get used to the roads, move skillfully. There are constantly new missions, surprises will happen. Let’s learn the characteristics, climate, monsters in each continent carefully. Players will face countless different dangerous demons. Each place will be challenging for you to conquer. After completing the task, the corresponding rewards will belong to you. A large front map will bring players into fierce battles.

Elroi Defense War mod android

200 warriors fighting

A large number of warriors will join you in battle. All will join forces to create a powerful army. Each match will only be limited to a certain number of warriors to participate in combat. Choose and arrange into a suitable formation to fight the enemies. Each battle will take place differently, bringing many giant monsters. Maximize the power of your army to defeat the enemy force. Bring specific tactics, assign positions to each warrior. From there, all strong enemies will no longer be an obstacle.

Elroi Defense War mod free

Defeat the monster boss

The main monsters are the enemies that you need to destroy. Show up with countless giant monsters that you will have to fight to preserve your life. Lots of different large and small monsters that you will need to face. A considerable force will also be what causes difficulties and challenges for players. Up to high levels, they will be more and more, the power is also more dangerous. They can resist all your attacks easily. That is why it is important to upgrade combat strength and have intelligent strategies in each battle. Destroy their massive tower, disband the army of monsters. Hundreds of levels will bring many different types of monsters for you to fight. Open up new experiences and challenges to make the game not boring. Download Elroi : Defense War mod using tactics to destroy demons.

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