Ego Sword MOD APK 1.77 (Unlimited money)

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NameEgo Sword APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Collect unique characters on your adventure. Ego Sword has simple gameplay but is very loved by gamers. Partly because the 8-bit graphic style is nostalgic but new, the story it tells the player is also unlike any other RPG. The ideal RPG themes such as Fantasy, Sword and Magic, Monsters, and Dungeons also appear. A journey that looks old but is new. You will have to grow your characters to help them survive and survive in new adventures. It’s one of essential things about getting into Ego Sword.

Ego Sword mod

Download Ego Sword mod – Adventure with a series of powerful heroes

Even being introduced felt very stressful and challenging. Ego Sword is again an idle game suitable for simple gamers. You always start with a single character. Explore the lands and fight monsters. Then add more new members to the story. Combine each person’s strengths to create a way to defeat dangerous monsters. Maybe this motif is too old? Not at all, because Ego Sword builds it according to very new circumstances. The point is not to bring a feeling of boredom when just playing. Next is how to make a story to keep demanding players. Although this is just an idle game, it is full of hidden meanings.

The warriors all have their fighting styles. Each person will play their role, such as swordsman, assassin, gunner, mage, summoner… All contribute to specific gameplay while fighting. And you will take care of the combination of them, back to the adventure. You and the warriors will move through many locations. Meet a variety of side characters whose odds give you exciting hidden quests. Fighting is the core and always the most attractive part for us to test our abilities. Combine skills and attack styles of warriors. Win the battle with the most dazzling moves.

Ego Sword mod apk

Odds of luck in combat

Each battle will contain many different variables. Damage stats are affected by both equipment and character upgrades. The same goes for health and armor. You and the enemy will have a chance to dodge attacks in battles. Just dodging an attack will completely change the game. Therefore, the element of luck, although not a priority, still contributes to the match’s outcome. There is also a combination of effects between the moves of many warriors. For example, blinding an opponent will cause the assassin to deal more damage. There are many interactions that you should learn if you want to win every match.

Ego Sword mod apk free

Upgrade and equip weapons

An element that is too basic and familiar to gamers passionate about the role-playing genre. You need to level up and get more equipment to be stronger. In Ego Sword, too, through battles, will gain more experience points to level up warriors. They will unlock skill points or learn new skills as they level up. The equipment has each level to use according to the level. We can also use money and items to upgrade even more powerful equipment. Installing the right equipment for the warrior will increase the strength many times. This is a necessary learning process and should be prioritized for long-term adventure.

Confront other players

This adventure is long enough. Why not challenge yourself a little more? Ego Sword’s player community is large enough that you can encounter a lot of clashes. Ego Sword’s PvP system is the venue for the game’s best players. Choose a squad of your strongest warriors. Join the tournament to compete with many players of the same level. Tactics and a lot of factors will determine the winner or loser. Accumulated wins help you rise and meet higher-level players. The contest has only just begun. Prepare everything necessary to prove who is the number one tactician of Ego Sword.

Ego Sword mod free

Ego Sword has completed its mission to make players feel entertained at a steady level. The adventures of warriors with players are always mixed with many emotions and memorable moments. Sometimes you can play Ego Sword just because of its plot. Along with many other players competing in PvP is equally interesting. Download Ego Sword mod to immerse yourself in the old but utterly new world. The meaning of adventure with teammates will be evident in your tactics and abilities in this game.

Download Ego Sword MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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