Egg, Inc. MOD APK v1.24 (Unlimited money)

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NameEgg, Inc.
PublisherAuxbrain Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Eggs, Inc. is a game for you to raise chickens. Take care of them every day and hatch a large number of chickens. Follow flocks of hens that lay eggs and earn extra income. Players will own chicken barracks. Clean and feed the chickens every day so they can grow. Breeding many new chicken breeds for the chicken farm will gain significant profits. Take on the challenges that Egg, Inc. brings. Complete all the missions in the game. Make the chickens will grow up and is a good ranch owner. Sell many eggs, hatch many species of chickens, for the farm to have more varieties of chickens.

Egg Inc. mod

Download Eggs, Inc. mod – Chicken farm owner

Have you ever thought that you would be a chicken farmer? A job that is not too strange for the countryside. Coming to Egg, Inc. You will be managing your chicken farm. All activities here will be performed by the players themselves. Do everything to be able to collect many eggs, get a lot of money. The effort you put in will be the answer to all. To bring the barracks up, make the chickens grow up fast. At the same time, create a breeding facility with a modern system. Clean and airy environment for chickens to live in. A lot of different jobs that players will need to do in Egg, Inc. Generate income from the chickens you are raising.

Egg Inc. mod apk

Build your solid farm and manage it. Eggs, Inc. will bring a variety of tasks for players to perform. It could be jobs that you have never done before, bringing about exciting experiences. Feed the chickens, clean the barn… everything will be done by you. Then scale more to grow stronger. Invest in more facilities and equipment to meet the necessary needs. Eggs, Inc. is one of the games that realistically simulate the breeding process. For players to better understand the process and time to take care of chickens. At the same time, self-generating large incomes, the farm is increasingly developed strongly.

Egg Inc. mod free

Chicken breeding

Every day you will have to feed and drink water to the chickens. From newly hatched chickens, gradually let them grow day by day. As the number of chickens increases, you will need to put them in separate coops. Let chickens lay eggs and incubate many chicks. Sell eggs and raise more chickens for meat. When the chickens that the player raises are big enough, sell them to earn money. Try to work hard and take good care of the chickens so that they can thrive. The larger the number, the more revenue it will bring to the farm. How to raise chickens is not too difficult, give food and water to chickens every day. Clean up around the barns and from there will make the chickens grow.

Egg Inc. mod download

Expanding the barn

The goal is to build a large-scale farm. When there is a stable source of income, players should also expand the cage. As the chicks hatch and the chicks grow, you’ll need to put them in a separate cage. This will make everyday blankets easier and more manageable. Design modern breeding areas invest in new equipment. Explore and expand the site for each cage to create a spacious space. From there, the model of the barracks will be improved, so that the player can be a rich farm owner. Invest in getting large scale, bringing high economic value.

Egg Inc. mod android

Operations management

Players will need to ensure all activities take place in the barracks. Not only about the number of chickens successfully hatched but also the strategies to let the farm go up. Balance human resources to make each job complete as desired. Eggs, Inc. allowing you to deal with and make policies for the barracks yourself. To build one of the leading advanced farms in the world. There are reasonable investments to create favorable conditions for development here. Make the most of your time and build the most extensive farm system. Become a good ranch owner, own a large amount of property. Download Eggs, Inc. chicken farm operator mod.

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