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Duskwood will let you become a brilliant investigative detective. Come to the village with many cases happening, find the culprit who committed the crime. With the disappearance of the character Hannah, a series of stories with other developments will be recreated. Play as an investigator and find out the clues and the truth behind the mystery. Based on the message that Hannah’s friend provided, you’re determined to go on a quest. Facing difficulties and dangers and finding out the truth of the case. Link all the information, making the village worry-free.

Duskwood mod

Download Duskwood mod – Investigator of cases in the village

A village with a scary remote setting with many creepy legends. But only when Hannah goes missing, people around become more scared than ever. All cases so far have not dared to be investigated. Now, you are the only one who dares to stand up to find out the truth. Solve the case, find out who committed the evil deeds. Courage and daring to face challenges are what determines victory. Speed up the investigation process, soon arrest the perpetrators behind the cases. Solve the vindication of innocent people, get a peaceful life.

Duskwood mod download

Start with the journey and many developments will be happening. After reading the messages, you have found your own direction. All information that each person provides will be the evidence for you to find out the truth of the case. The only thing to do is to take action. Make an informed decision, because it will directly affect the process of the player performing the task. Think about the clues, evidence, have the most appropriate solution. Accompany the character, quickly complete the assigned tasks.

Duskwood mod apk

Carry out investigation

Collecting evidence, stringing each case that happened before. It can be said that Duskwood is a game that requires wisdom, not strength. You will need to think carefully before making your own decisions. The time for the investigation will also evolve as the process progresses. Solve it as quickly as possible to ensure Hannah’s life. All developments will be recorded by Duskwood for players to discover. Play the role of a real investigator, show your ability, persistently find out the case’s outcome.

Duskwood mod free

Anonymous character

In addition to those who actively provide relevant information about the incident, people will not cooperate. They did not reveal anything related to Hannah and previous cases. And that subject is also the person who knows all the facts, which can help you finish the investigation as quickly as possible. Players will need to pay attention to this character. He can produce a series of images, decipher each clue. Pay close attention to the character’s information and uncover any mysterious sources. Using the decryption key, find Hannah as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Duskwood mod android

Sound decision

Sometimes the collected messages and images make you have to look repeatedly. Many details will surprise you. Maybe it’s about Hannah’s unique relationship, stories you wouldn’t expect. All decisions will be up to you, there should be appropriate choices. At the same time, it is necessary to be wary of advice and messages that are sent. Because not all is true and you need to look carefully. Sometimes just because a quick decision will significantly affect the victim’s life, the scary feeling through the message sounds also creates many obsessions. Offer the most optimal solutions, punish the offenders.

Cases with many hidden things are waiting for you to discover. The consecutive disappearances also resulted in many deaths. You represent the right and fight to destroy the bad guys. Don’t let similar incidents happen again. Protect the village and find the whereabouts of Hannah, many other victims are being arrested. Overcome the dangers, defend yourself from the plots of your opponents. Help prevent the village from happening again. Download Duskwood mod good investigator, rescue innocent people.

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