Drop The Number MOD APK v1.9.6 (Unlimited money, Boosters)

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NameDrop The Number
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Boosters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Drop The Number takes on the challenge with the number 20148, variations, and combinations to get the highest score. Drop the same numbers into a pair, and move up and down, left and right flexibly. When you join, you will be swept up in each level the game offers with a person who is as sensitive about numbers as you are. Simply put, you hit two digits of the same value one after the other; adding up will double your previous number. Just do this until there are no more pairs of matching cards. This challenge also requires players to have a plan; without the right moves, it is difficult to succeed.

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Download Drop The Number mod – Match the corresponding number block

Drop The Number challenges you to calculate; you must be brilliant already involving numbers. Although this game does not require you to calculate the numbers together mentally, it also causes trouble. The numbers 20148 are reversed continuously, creating numbers like 2, 4, 8, 16, 32… and so on. The more similar numbers are smashed into a block, the higher the value increases. You have to maintain long-term and reach the maximum. If your strokes are incorrect, your moves will gradually narrow. Once done, there is no way to save it; the only way to do it is to follow it.

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This can be considered a way to train the player’s thinking and arithmetic ability. Not problems that require rank, simply matching similar numbers. When operating on the phone, there will be six rows of sheer numbers and five rows of horizontal numbers filling the screen. Each number has a corresponding color, like the number 2 is purple, four is green, eight is blue, and the thousands number has a yellow border. That also helps players quickly identify duplicate numbers. Play many times, and you will gradually get used to the colors, and the handle is faster. Sensitive gestures and a cool head are practical ways to overcome the task.

Drop The Number apk

Integrating similar numbers

As mentioned about how to Drop The Number works, players keep matching cells with the same number together. Reaching a specific value, it will stop; the numbers are arranged messy. The numbers have different ways of integrating, not repeating, depending on the situation. Players also do not need to worry about the problem of overlapping ideas from previous games. Drop The Number has a built-in randomization system; a new challenge will appear every time you click the next level. Choose the same colors to transform them into a more significant number. Keep doing it continuously until you can’t slide up or down; no matter which direction you go, the game is over.

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Become the leader

Each challenge also takes a lot of your time, and the priority is to have free time. Extending the turn will help you feel the essence of Drop The Number. The levels are gradually raised in the order of your rank, and you pass the opponent before you are allowed to move on. The number of points you score will also be saved as data; at the end, you are compared with other players. So that to guide your path, how to try. You are a great mathematician, but there are many better people than you. This happens often; assert yourself with the ability to numbers and get the highest score.

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Intelligence training

Drop The Number gives numbers; it’s your job to get used to and master it. Referring to arithmetic is a whole sky of knowledge, bringing people to intelligence. If you are sensitive to numbers, the challenge in this game is just for fun. But it must be recognized that the perfect combination of entertainment and knowledge training. This can be a way for you to learn how to do mental arithmetic when two similar numbers add up. Playing multiplayer, you gradually form the final value when the even numbers beat together. Persistence is how you deal with numbers and also shows awareness. Exposure to numbers will make you significantly more competent.

Take your math skills to the world; drop The Number will help you. Your excellence needs to be recognized; sometimes, you are at the top. After many times of playing with tactics and gradually getting used to the rules, you will improve your score significantly. Players act quickly, as long as they get the highest score. If you want to prove your ability, you only have to practice daily. An eye-catching color system also increases the attractiveness of the game. A super-brain challenging game worth trying. Download Drop The Number mod to become the king of numbers and achieve great fame.

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