DragonSky MOD APK 1.26.4 (Menu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy)

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NameDragonSky APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • Always Win // Even if you lose, stage will be cleared
  • Instant Clear Stage // Automatically Clears Current Stage – Use it some time after stage begins, when you take some hits. Quickly turn the toggle on and off. Otherwise you may get battle error.

DragonSky owns a high-class dragon team to participate in the battle in the sky, which is expected to be explosive moments. Other people in the world will also continue to fight with you to the end. Plan accurately to strengthen your army and conquer opportunities to counterattack. You can’t behave without a specific strategy, if you want to succeed, you have to be serious. The powerful skills of a dragon will bring fierce battles and help you conquer the sky. The space of this universe has become a place to fight with forces that hate each other. Prove you are the strongest, powerful enough to rule them all.

DragonSky mod apk

Download DragonSky mod – Occupy the vast sky

All enemies must be wiped out, or the war will continue. The density of the skirmishes takes place in a row; the time is not limited. DragonSky gives you plenty of opportunities to grab solid counters, the opponent also has to fall immediately. Collect dragons of great value, control this army together and work miracles. All your actions show your ability, no need to be too flashy, but fight the battle to win that battle. You can’t leave your teammates alone; you must rule the earth together. Players from all over the world gathered here, plotting to steal the sky.

DragonSky apk free

DragonSky’s influential energy genres are equally explosive. You take harsh blows from the opponent but are not invincible. The sky suffered these endless wars with great intensity. You don’t want the object either, but the monsters are doing this on purpose. You and your teammates are humanity’s last hope, there is no other way but to face it directly. The cycle revolves around the old and new tricks of the enemy, you have to catch it. Continuously attack, no one will bear anyone, so you have as many moves as you can show, but with control.

DragonSky apk

Powerful dragon army

Players can merge powerful dragons to transform more classes. It would be best if you did this regularly to own several quality dragons in appearance and skill. Gather like-minded people together, and create a ready defense wall. Stand firmly in the sky, and accept the dangers of rushing in. Teamwork is essential, so let’s be united on a strategy. Form a group according to each person’s level, the dragons need to have enough space to develop their capacity. Learn carefully and plan to upgrade it to complete the goal quickly. DragonSky prepares a series of dragon lists for you to choose from.

DragonSky mod

Crush the opponent

Other dragon gods will also appear in the shortest time to fight with you. That candid moment will take you to new horizons and more excitement in the arena. The sky is vast, both forces have space to struggle in their way. So have your way of fighting your opponent, keeping it as secret as possible. Knowing that infringing on the enemy’s conspiracy is extremely difficult, but let’s do it, maybe luck will come to you. Players need to launch an emergency move to knock down the opponent within a short time. You buy more time to bring them to their full potential and cost you your life.


Compete with others

You’ve lost effort when participating in this competition, then rise to the top. You will not be able to stand firm in the sky if you do not achieve any achievements. The members of your army will also join forces to win the championship. It may take a while for you alone, but it’s quick as a team. The other players also carry great advice, which is inevitable. It would be best if you seized the opportunity to react and use all means to strengthen your battle dragon. Cooperate with allies, hold hands together first, then receive countless rewards and valuable weapons.

DragonSky is a legendary shooting game with many types for you to join. Fighting each other with many different styles, every level you increase, you transform. Show your opponents the surprise, and let them know that you are not easy to beat. Breakthrough in every moment and move to newer environments. The tricks will hone over time; let’s explore. Enter the dragon collection to choose the best soldiers. Directly control it on the field, merging it to look bigger. Enjoy the battle whenever you want. Download DragonSky mod, conquer the vast sky with friends with unlimited shooting races.

Download DragonSky MOD APK (Menu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy) for Android

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