Dragon World MOD APK 0.65 (High star count)

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NameDragon World APK
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Accompany the dragons and let them evolve. Go to Dragon World and start with exciting adventures. Evolve for dragons, discover many mysterious things happen. Players will have the task of taking care of and making the dragon grow up day by day. Dragon World brings interesting gameplay, players will own a diverse collection of dragons. An attractive story mixed with many new elements will be brought by Dragon World. From an egg hatched, raising the dragon was developed. Get a great power and join the player in all different missions.

Dragon World mod android

Download Dragon World mod – The mysterious world of dragons

Build the farm of your dreams and uncover its mysteries. Dragon World is a game that gives players a new discovery. Nurture dragons and secure their lives. Come to each different place, have more experiences. Own your zoo with diverse dragon species. Have you ever thought you would do that? Accompanying with Dragon World, players will take care of them every day. Create a force of dragons and have many unique abilities and powers.

Dragon World mod download

The life of the dragon is played out with peaceful days. But one day, evil enemies appeared and threatened the dragon’s life. Evil zombies are constantly raging and ravaging the world. The war between dragons and zombies begins here. Over thousands of years of war, the number of dragons killed is increasing. This has made dragons extinct and not as many as before. Players will perform breeding and life development for dragons. Enter a world with many different events, face each enemy.

Dragon World mod free

The process of forming a new dragon species

Go to the new world and start with the assigned mission. Players will be provided with dragon eggs, which after hatching and forming dragons. You will need to feed them, take care of them in the most thoughtful way. It doesn’t make you wait too long when hatching. In just a short time, it was completed. Get the dragons, and now you will bring them with you and start building a base. Build a solid residence here, create various constructions. Raising dragons is one of the most critical tasks. Quickly bring in more and more dragons. That will also depend on the player himself, meeting the needs to let the dragon grow. Form a new dragon species, develop a powerful dragon army.

Dragon World mod

Intense battle with zombies

The enemies that you need to destroy are the zombies. With a huge force, they are always looking for ways to destroy the world. There is no peace like before, now it is a life of fighting full of danger. Dragon World brings players to the long battle and many challenges. You will control the warriors to advance to defeat them. The confrontation that takes place requires you to put all your strength into fighting the enemy. Battles with dragons are no longer a new topic. Dragon World makes a difference in the mission, the atmosphere of the battle is shown through the levels. Attack and kill all the zombies, quickly return to life as before.

Dragon World mod apk

Dragon fighting skills

To create dragon warriors, players also need to train them. Build more certain skills, ensure the strength to destroy the enemy. Make sure they will search and help you attack all the evil zombies. Dragon warriors are also very obedient and loyal. They will follow any arrangement that the player sets. Defeat all zombies and get the same freedom as before. For each enemy, equip the dragon with its ways of dealing. Go on an adventure to find the mystery in this world. End the existence of zombies and lead a peaceful life. Breeding creates many new dragon breeds, with special abilities. Assemble dragon heroes, defying all dangers. Command the dragon to enter each battle and get the victory in the shortest time. Download Dragon World mod to protect the dragon kingdom, create diverse dragon species.

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