Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK 1.2.3 (Menu/Unlimited ammo/Many stars)

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NameDoor Kickers: Action Squad APK
PublisherKillHouse Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited ammo/Many stars
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Welcome to become a SWAT gunman of the anti-terrorist organization Door Kickers: Action Squad mod. In a world with bloody confrontations will be your chance to show off the talents of professional shooters. Participate in essential tasks assigned by the organization. Players need courage and practical combat skills to complete the objectives taken over. The thrilling action elements in this fascinating game will conquer gamers of this game genre. Stop all dangerous plots and keep safe the peaceful life of the people in the city. A challenging virtual world will make you caught up in the vortex of eradicating evil. Stand together and fight hard for the goals and ideals you are pursuing.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad mod – Thrilling combat role-playing game

Door Kickers: Action Squad is the most engaging action fighting game today. Its background is built from the American city of Nowhere City. After a long silence, criminal organizations have begun to operate again. They cause carnage, looting and dangerous hostage-taking. You are a member of the peacekeeping organization sent to quell the rebellion. The goal to be achieved is to destroy the plots of the terrorist organization. Thereby restoring order and security to the city. To do that, players will play the role of a talented military commanders. Under your hand is an army of extremely fast and effective Swat snipers. Besides making strategies and controlling soldiers, players also directly participate in battles.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod apk

In Door Kickers: Action Squad, most characters and animations are simple blocks. They are created by simple 2D technology but still create attraction for gamers. There is a remarkable thing that the battles in Door Kickers: Action Squad take place in the dark. They will somewhat limit the visibility of the two sides. However, in many cases, it can be an advantage if you know how to grasp it. The light the player has is generated from the weapon’s flashlight. Gamers need to pay special attention to the character’s ability to move. As soon as motion is detected, the gun will be fired.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod download

A wide selection of unique characters

Although it is a fighting game, Door Kickers: Action Squad has a diverse character system. It offers many different options for players. It’s not just a change in appearance. Each shooter in Door Kickers: Action Squad also has other skills and combat advantages. There are a total of 6 main characters that the player can interact with. You will own each character in turn as you complete the levels. Besides, the ability to customize the surface is also a flexible factor that players can influence. Your impact will change the situation and the power of the character.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod free

More than 80 challenging levels

Coming to Door Kickers: Action Squad, players, do not worry about boredom or lack of challenge. The game equips itself with more than 80 different levels. It is a continuous development of difficulty for players to try. With each level, you will have to face other opponents. There are both weak and strong characters. The diversity of the villain system will create arenas with many unique nuances. Conquering all levels is not an easy thing. It needs to go through a process of training and skill enhancement. Sometimes you even have to experience failures. But that is also the time to regain the spirit and resolve to start over.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod android

Various weapons and items

It is impossible not to mention the weapon system in Door Kickers: Action Squad. Those are guns with many models and types. Each type of gun equipped in Door Kickers: Action Squad also has different ineffectiveness. Depending on the situation, the player should choose the most suitable weapon. Machine guns, sniper rifles, AKs or any other type of gun can be a tool to defeat the opponent you are holding. In addition, items such as armour and grenades are also beneficial for you to complete the hostage rescue mission. They will create better defence and attack.

Door Kickers Action Squad mod apk free

Many dangerous enemies

The villains are the elements that make up the battles. This system of characters includes both humans and zombies. Depending on the level and game mode, the opponent you face will be different. But all can cause your army to be swallowed up if neglected. Make them losers at your feet with all your efforts. Download Door Kickers: Action Squad mod to become a talented military commander leading an elite army to smash dangerous terrorist organizations.

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited ammo/Many stars) for Android

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