Dollar hero MOD APK 1.1.9 (Unlimited mana, skills)

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NameDollar hero APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited mana, skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Almost everyone knows how great the responsibility of a hero is. Dollar hero again puts players in the superhero role to protect his city. As a superhero, you know your strength is superior to anyone. The hero’s task will always be to protect the city from the forces of crime. Or beyond are dangerous alien invaders. Dollar hero gives you so much more with a huge to-do list, from saving the world, running a business to make money, or smashing things to satisfy yourself. There’s nothing you can’t do once you’re in the world of Dollar heroes.

Dollar hero mod

Download Dollar hero mod – Play as a hero and do everything you like

The open-world environment is the most critical bright spot that makes Dollar hero so popular with many players. You are not limited to moving anywhere in the game. Every nook and cranny of the city where Dollar hero defends can be walked through and interacted with. After all, this is not the city you live in alone. Many people go about their daily lives and experience their own lives. The world is almost authentic with a full day and night cycle. That’s just the design of the unlimited world to explore. The mission will be more attractive with the adventure to every corner of the earth. Being a hero should appear everywhere.

The main content of Dollar hero is the superhero’s journey in protecting the cities. You will be moving through the US, Russia, China, Japan, and Mexico… to fight mafia gangs carrying out many suspicious missions. Defeating the team is not too difficult for a superhero. But will help players learn about the fighting style as well as the strength of the main character. And on top of that, doing those jobs also gets you a bonus. So keep using your earned coins to unlock more skins. Even their vehicles. Embellish the life of a modern superhero.

Dollar hero mod apk

Move freely in every way

Your superhero can move anywhere in any way. Walk, use transport, even fly and teleport… Move and explore the modern city in Dollar hero any way you like with just a few simple buttons on the smartphone screen. Combine them to perform more complex methods like flying in the sky. After a lot of experience, you will get used to most moving techniques. Between the character and the surrounding environment, there is always an interaction. That means you will hit objects or people in the city. As a superhero, be very careful with this.

Dollar hero mod apk free

Take on exciting quests

There are hundreds of quests that will give you rewards for doing well in Dollar hero. True to the name of this game, our superhero will be much more pragmatic and realistic. Even superheroes who have power and protect the world don’t need titles or accolades. But he still needs some money to make a living and spend on the things he likes. That’s why when fighting the mafia, making deliveries, defeating monsters in the city… You will be rewarded with an amount based on the size of the mission. The length of the quest will also affect how much money you earn. So there is no need to worry about finances if you are still protecting the world regularly.

Dollar hero mod free

Buy whatever you like

Who said superheroes couldn’t be shopped, right? As long as you have money, you can buy everything in the city of Dollar hero. Visit fashion stores to change your outfit into colorful colors. Are you too bored with flying in the sky to move? Why not try to be a rich person with expensive supercars? Even military equipment such as tanks, fighters… And no one dares to comment with a superhero equipped with many modern weapons. Feel free to provide a variety of guns and create an epic part. But honestly, superheroes don’t need guns for anything.

Dollar hero free

Fly freely around the city to any destination. Realistic interaction with every object and person in the vast city. Defeat mafia organizations around the world to repel evil. In Dollar, hero players will do more than what superheroes can do in real life. Download Dollar hero mod for a fun adventure full of champion power from superheroes.

Download Dollar hero MOD APK (Unlimited mana, skills) for Android

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