Dog Rescue MOD APK 1.5.7 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameDog Rescue APK
PublisherWEGO Global
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Freedom to create from drawings to save the dog from angry bees. Dog Rescue is becoming a trendy name on social networks in recent times. How to play is simple without having to spend time learning. Your mission is to continuously rescue the dog that is about to be attacked by bees. With mission difficulty increasing by design, trap locations… Dog Rescue challenges the most creative players. How to make the dog safe without being touched by any bees. No other content but focus on the current puzzle. The game wants you to concentrate on completing the puzzle.

Dog Rescue mod

Download Dog Rescue mod – Create an intelligent way to protect the dog

The game rules of Dog Rescue are straightforward. A dog and a beehive are not very peaceful. Players use their fingers to draw lines on the screen. Make it a priority to surround the dog as much as you want to protect it. After starting, the bees from the hive will continuously fly out and try to attack the other dog. You must draw clever lines to prevent the bees from attacking the dog. You lose instantly if only one bee gets in and stings the dog. The brush strokes you have drawn with your fingers are not invincible either. Therefore you need to draw intelligently to protect the dog fully.

You will be counted as the winner if the bees can’t reach the dog within 6 seconds. But don’t think that just drawing a protective circle on it can win. These bees can still push the brushstrokes out if you don’t hold them firmly. Another point to know is that the number of points when you pass the level will be determined by the number of strokes you draw. If you draw too much and don’t need it, you will lose a lot of points. All players want to win, while it takes very few strokes to reach the record of points. It’s also a way to practice saving resources while ensuring victory.

Dog Rescue mod apk

The difficulty of the level increases gradually.

It’s natural to have to make Dog Rescue more challenging and exciting for players to try to find a way to win. But precisely how the difficulty will be increased. You will realize it in the difference in the levels. There are levels where traps appear. And you have to draw defensive lines so that the dog avoids the bees and does not fall into the trap. Not stopping there; there are levels where you need to protect up to 2 dogs simultaneously. Or worse, two beehives are targeting one dog. These difficulty levels push the player’s thinking to the highest level. Creativity will be shown in how you complete the level.

Dog Rescue mod apk free

Familiar viral awareness

In rescuing the dog in Dog Rescue, players will accidentally recognize many famous trends on the internet. Especially in China with memes panda, pink pig, green frog Pepe… These are all familiar internet trends in some countries around the world. Bring humor and high speed of virality. From there, players will introduce friends and family members to play together. Work together to solve challenging levels. Find ways to rescue the dog from angry bees with as few strokes as possible by including familiar images. Dog Rescue will reach a lot of new players through curiosity and humor in the gameplay.

Dog Rescue mod free

Unlimited levels of creativity

There are no rules that force players to draw. Instead, you have to create your strokes to protect the dog. Whether it’s a circle, a star, a house, or even a car… Any closed and fixed is possible and must be guaranteed to hold the bees for 6 seconds. If you don’t care about the score, even better. I will create funny objects or shapes to win. Demonstrate skills in thinking and combining with the surrounding terrain. Winning with a high score is not so important. If you can find a sense of joy and satisfaction in winning, it doesn’t matter.

Dog Rescue free

Create many funny and clever pictures from the strokes. Protect the dog from the swarm of bees aiming to attack at any time. Creativity comes from your work at each level. Dog Rescue mod encourages players to win in different ways constantly. Experience challenges with friends to easily win and create a fun atmosphere when playing the game.

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