Demon Blade MOD APK 2.402 (Menu, Damage/God mode/No cooldown)

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NameDemon Blade APK
PublisherGarage51 Entertainment
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/God mode/No cooldown
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation
  • V1: Menu, Damage/God mode/No cooldown
  • V2: God mode/No cooldown

Referring to Japan, people think not only of cherry blossoms but also of Samurai heroes. They are warriors, protect the people, and always fight for the country. You will become a Samurai if you join the game Demon Blade of Garage51 Entertainment. It is truly a rare and highly honorable opportunity for you. When you become a Samurai, you will enter the ancient world of Japanese comics. In that world, there are countless scary and dangerous monsters. Use the power and sharp sword of the Samurai to defeat them all, protecting the world’s peace.

Demon Blade mod apk free

Download Demon Blade mod – Fight with legendary heroes Samurai

Although you have heard a lot about the Samurai, the hidden things behind their lives are unknown. It is your chance to learn about those secrets. By joining Demon Blade, you will experience the life of a Samurai. From his training to participating in battles, the character you embody has excellent combat skills. The monsters you have to face are famous demons in Japanese folklore, such as the sea monster Umiboozu, the skeleton monster Gashadokuro, the giant man-eating beast Waira. These are just three of the many scary names you’re about to face.

Demon Blade mod free

To destroy these legendary monsters, you need to learn how to control the character. The controls have been reduced so you can fully concentrate on the game. Players use their fingers to perform actions on the screen. There are three main attack directions corresponding to the three-hand movement directions. To simulate, you need to tap once on the screen. The next corresponding defense would be a super powerful counterattack. As a fighter, you need to know when to attack, when to defend, and seize the most appropriate retaliation.

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New fighting style

Players do not need to memorize complex controls. All character skills are available, and you need to swipe the screen. Each time you attack, the character will lose a certain amount of life force. If the character’s HP is too low, the ability to continue fighting is zero. Therefore, players need to determine the attack strategy in the game quickly. Tranquility for too long will only make you lose internal attack and be defeated by monsters. It sounds like a straightforward way to control a character like this, but you will see the complexity when you practice. You have to combine quickly and smoothly to create effective attacks.

Demon Blade mod

Equip yourself

Because of his long-term martial arts practice, Samurai has a very muscular and tall body. His face was severe and aggressive. Samurai also always wore durable armor that was difficult to destroy. The Samurai’s fighting weapon was the katana sword. These swords are extremely sharp. Despite being so powerful, it was still not enough compared to formidable monsters. So, to make your Samurai invincible, you must upgrade his weapons. Using money to elevate will help weapons deal more damage. Weapons and items are found in the loot box or randomly distributed.

Demon Blade mod apk

Game mode

In addition to the standard game mode, fighting with legendary demons, players can also participate in many PVP or PVE battles. In these modes, the player can fight monsters and other Samurai. Let’s compete to see the strongest Samurai in the cherry blossom country. You can also choose to fight big bosses when participating in the campaign mode. Many related events will be opened, such as the cursed dungeon adventure. In it, players fight with fearsome evil gods.

Demon Blade mod android

Demon Blade is a Japanese-style fighting role-playing game. The culture of Japan is shown extremely impressively through the image of Samurai warriors and legendary monsters. Transform into a Samurai now to join the fight with formidable monsters. Download Demon Blade mod that shows the ultimate fighting skills with a katana sword to protect the people from monsters.

Download Demon Blade MOD APK (Menu, Damage/God mode/No cooldown) for Android

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