Deer Simulator MOD APK 1.176 (Unlimited money, leaves)

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NameDeer Simulator APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, leaves
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Are you an animal lover? As a child, everyone must have watched cartoons about green forests. It is the home of many animals, from large to small. Although they are different in shape and species, they still live in the same environment. This creates biodiversity for the earth. Animals depend on each other to live. At the same time, they are also an essential link in the natural food chain. Collisions are inevitable to survive in the harsh world. If you are also curious about deep forest life, come to Deer Simulator immediately. This game is produced by CyberGoldfinch, which owns countless games about the animal world.

Deer Simulator mod

Download Deer Simulator mod – Help star deer survive in the forest

Deer Simulator tells the story of an elk’s survival journey. Instead of just watching through the small screen, players can now run and jump with the deer and forage in the forest before their eyes open to a majestic natural world. There are mountains, forests, gardens, rivers and streams, and even vast fields. Along the journey, the player can meet different animals. It could be carnivores like tigers, leopards, or wolves. Or maybe gentle herbivores like squirrels and rabbits. Deer Simulator will test your agility. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to gauge how much the player loves animals.

Deer Simulator apk

Deer Simulator simulates a real jungle life. According to the laws of birth and death of nature, it is challenging to avoid disputes or conflicts between animals. Therefore, you need to help your deer learn to survive. Stay away from bloodthirsty animals like tigers or leopards. At the same time, the deer should also help his friends. A large and robust deer population can make predators a bit wary. In some cases, the deep forest can also spawn more dangerous animals you don’t know. Be careful. In addition, some animals can bring sudden missions. It would help if you had the ingenuity and skill to complete tall.

Deer Simulator mod apk

Building a family

It’s not just people who need a love life. Animals also have their own families to maintain the species. With Deer Simulator, you can help your deer build a nest. This can be done when the deer finds a suitable mate. At the same time, if the level is high enough, the female deer can still give birth. The baby deer will become the next generation to survive and adventure in the wild with their parents. Take care of the deer’s family members, and don’t let them go hungry. In addition, with the role of the breadwinner, the father deer needs to protect the family members. Wolf, tiger, leopard, lion, snake, or even hunter can attack anytime.

Deer Simulator android

Change of appearance

Your deer in Deer Simulator can also change its appearance to become more prominent. This could be a way for it to attract its mate. Players can help the deer change many elements such as skin color, horns, or stripes on the back. In addition, parts like eyes, chin, belly, tail, and legs can also be customized by you. Not only upgrading the appearance but the deer can also be upgraded from the inside. Deer Simulator offers many unique skill sets. Thanks to that, the deer can speed up and collect more food and resources. In addition, players can gain experience through performing self-defense missions against other species, for example.

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Housing upgrade

Perhaps the deer in Deer Simulator have evolved dramatically when they know how to build their own houses. They are also always looking for ways to upgrade the house to be more spacious and stable. Because a solid wooden house can help the deer family avoid dangers from predators, at the same time, it can also be a safe place to store food for the cold winter. Players can help the deer upgrade the house by buying some necessary items. In addition, Deer Simulator also has a mini-game category. Here, players will receive many attractive rewards without spending much effort. For example, a fruit collecting game will give you a basket full of fruit.

Deer Simulator is an example not to be missed when it comes to entertaining games about animals. This game owns a story and a new perspective on the animal world in general and elk’s life in particular. A good-looking interface combined with dynamic gameplay is a huge plus of this game. Deer Simulator is an excellent choice if you want to be immersed in the wild. Download Deer Simulator mod and accompany in the adventure of the wild deer.

Download Deer Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money, leaves) for Android

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