Death School MOD APK 2.1.6 (All choices are free)

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NameDeath School APK
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesAll choices are free
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Death School is a story between high school students with many exciting happenings. Describe life at school, participate in school activities. But not stopping there, many other details will be revealed through each level. You will get different emotions when you start playing. Enjoy or fear, everything will be shown through the levels of play. A new transformation will change your life, causing you to face many challenges. Accompanied by friends and not a journey alone.

Death School mod

Download Death School mod – School life with exciting stories

The first change is when a female student transfers to your school to study. The girl said that this school has some strange things. After listening to it, you and everyone else thought it was just her imagination. However, an unfortunate thing happened, you were stuck at school and couldn’t go home. Death is near, facing countless challenges. The journey to escape from danger will not be alone. Other friends will also be by your side and get through it all. Quickly escape from deadly traps, save lives.

Death School mod android

Immerse yourself in character and get started with each of the story developments that are brought up. Exciting gameplay for players to make their own choices. The whole event plays out like a movie with compelling scenes. Death School is based on the anime movie, right from the name that tells the game theme. Sometimes, the game will also make you feel curious, even surprised. Every decision you make will directly affect your future. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully to achieve the desired results. Each part of the game will be brought to you to write the stories yourself. Complete the mission, don’t leave anyone trapped anymore.

Death School mod free

Choose a companion

Indispensable companions on this journey. Natsume, Meiko and Rei are the names that will join you. Each person will have their own unique personality, need to learn more about them. When you get to know people better, their advantages will help you have more choices. About Natsume, she is a person who loves to read books and learn about knowledge. Famous in the clubs and many fans of the literary work she has composed. Meiko is an extremely beautiful girl, it was she who discovered the abnormal behavior at school. You need to observe and pay special attention to the actions and words that Meiko provides. For helpful advice, it is impossible not to mention Rei. The solutions that she offers will help people get out of the place of arrest the fastest.

Death School mod apk

Rotation lucky

Death School also provides players with a number of entertaining mini-games. Lucky spin games with many exciting levels. Playing is not too difficult, just perform simple operations on the screen. An unlimited number of times to play, let players relieve stress. Each round is completed, you will gain rewards. Continue to open more stories for players to discover. Being caught by bad guys or escaping to safety will also depend on the player. Many other items in the game will also be provided, with many features to revive, avoid risky situations.

Much interesting gameplay

Each part of the game in Death School will be divided and have different developments. Players will start playing turn-based, completing to unlock more levels to the next level. This itself will not create a feeling of boredom or having to repeat the previous games. Continue to write the story chapters, step into each different unexpected situation. Immerse yourself in an innocent life with beautiful, talented girls. Accompany them to avoid the evil forces, gain freedom. Free yourself and your friends, and win rewards in the mini-game.

Find a way to escape the school and the traps with the three girls. Death School will let players go through different challenging developments. Try to complete each level, if you get trapped, you will have to start from the beginning. Download Death School mod the story revolves around the school with mysterious details.

Download Death School MOD APK (All choices are free) for Android

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