Dead Zed MOD APK v1.3.8 (Unlimited money/God mode)

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NameDead Zed
PublisherNot Doppler
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Another war with zombies. This time Dead Zed mod will bring extremely eye-catching shooting challenges. The rise of the monsters turned the peaceful life entirely upside down. You will be one of the savior heroes of the base. This attractive action game is the name that attracts the attention and interest of millions of players. Playing the role of reluctant shooters, you will have survival battles against a series of dangerous monsters. Come to Dead Zed to enjoy thrilling shooting in a world of traps and dangers everywhere!

Dead Zed mod

Download Dead Zed mod – Defend the base from the zombie attack

In Dead Zed, the player will have the task of defending the base against the attack of Zombies. No chance to dodge. You only have one way to face the challenge and fight non-stop. Living in a complex environment, people will know how to save themselves. Along with his associates, players will launch powerful counterattacks toward Zombies. Quickly take the opportunity to take down all those loitering around your base. Act quickly before they can get closer to your area. There is no time to wait for help from a professional system. Your life is in your own hands. Choose between fighting and falling prey to monsters.

Dead Zed mod apk

In Dead Zed, the player cannot fight Zombies empty-handed. Your strength lies in the guns in your hand. Use it to shoot furiously at the Zombies ahead. With Dead Zed, the player doesn’t just defend a single base. The number of these bases will continuously increase. It requires a lot more resources on warriors. Players will have to combine actions with other warriors in the fight to repel Zombie. With just a straightforward content and basic gameplay, Dead Zed has become an addictive game for young people. These will be great times that the game company gives to its gamers.

Dead Zed mod download

Complete the goal within the given time limit

Hundreds of zombies in Dead Zed will always keep you in a state of intense combat. But the difficulty that players face does not come only from monsters. You also have to complete the goal within the allotted time limit. Exceeding the required time will fail. Players will have to restart the battle to defend the base. Take every opportunity possible to quickly finish off the Zombie. Dangerous locations such as the chest and head of the Zombie are places where they can soon lose their lives. You both save ammo and speed up the progress. Accurate aiming shots are also critical in Dead Zed.

Dead Zed mod free

Selection of companion weapons

The main gun is the player’s most reliable weapon. It accompanies you on every battlefield. Possessing a powerful weapon system will bring effective combat. Rifles, Luc guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and machine guns will be virtual zombie killing machines. Each of these guns has its design and function. Players who can have a clear grasp of the weapon in possession will help you make the most of it, depending on the situation, improvising using which type of gun is more advantageous.

Dead Zed mod android

Unlock new regions and locations

A diverse and open battle map is what Dead Zed has created. Mining in many different areas, from suburban to busy urban areas. The endless discoveries in Dead Zed will not stop there. The more you achieve, the more you will be able to set foot on new and more challenging battlefields. Download Dead Zed mod the battle to protect the defense against the fierce attack of the Zombie class of monsters.

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