Dead World Heroes MOD APK 0.1.10002 (Unlimited mana/God mode)

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NameDead World Heroes APK
PublisherGotoLabs Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited mana/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Dead World Heroes opens the biggest zombie pandemic war of all time, players are trying to extinguish the mistakes of the previous generation. Mechanic Mike and some associates thought of a way to handle the post-apocalyptic world left by zombies but failed. The more they do, the more they discover new problems, even worse. This prolongs the critical situation; it’s time to get your help. These days, zombies need to be stopped; they are too aggressive with what they have caused. The world is crazy and chaotic because of their appearance. Constantly attacking to change the world’s fate, you and others will also be safe.

Dead World Heroes

Download Dead World Heroes mod – Infiltrate the dangerous zombie world

Dead World Heroes takes you to a zombie apocalypse world but no less fascinating. You get to observe and plan your tactics. Each type of zombie will have different handling; you should use all the functions in this game. Fully control the character with agile hands, controlling the speed of essential action sequences. Heroes are ready for war and waiting for you to collect and recruit. Ability and strength have also reached new heights, proving you are worthy of what they have. Ugly zombies are also not absent; your prominent opponents are everywhere.

Dead World Heroes mod apk

Those who spread dangerous diseases like this shouldn’t last long. It would be best if you handled it in a hurry; their number increases for every additional day of failure. The uncontrolled spread has caused you a headache; you are also surprised by their appearance. When the heroes try to solve the army of zombies, they realize many regrets. They discover the problem and find a new solution. Will it be successful? But as the level increases, the ability is improved, and the chance to win is. Danger and thorns are familiar factors that you encounter. Every challenge can be erased, especially the evil zombies.

Dead World Heroes apk free

Move to multiple locations

Because the speed of the spread of the disease was not timely prevented, it created favourable conditions for zombies to increase in number. No matter where the heroes depart, they cannot escape their sight. You may also have difficulty using the bus to move between points. The car sometimes breaks down, causing the journey to pause, which is an opportunity for zombies to rise. They wait every moment to find the player; in turn, they are ripped to shreds. The zombies do not sleep; they work day and night to invade your body, to infect. That nightmare thought has spread worldwide; you are one of their big targets.

Dead World Heroes mod

Weapon boost

Every player’s dream is a diverse arsenal of guns with mighty power. You will be the one to enrich these types of resources. Only players can make themselves strong and know what they are lacking. If your health and physical strength are not robust, ask for weapons help. The guns are activated with endless ammunition; you can kill them every time you load them, but still in the condition. Players are entirely allowed to collect old items to sell for new products. This exchange helps you refresh your gun collection. These powerful support items are always the optimal way for you to fight.

Dead World Heroes apk

Lead the survivors

Dead World Heroes has assigned you to save the survivors, recruiting them into a team. With 19 campaign missions and 12 prequel missions. Survivors will be an essential factor in determining your victory or loss. For this team to work together, you must be fully equipped with all weapons. High-class zombies must be handled with unique items, or else it’s ridiculous. Players are fighting hard to bring them home safely. Any special abilities, strengths or weaknesses in a person do not flow continuously. Because of that immediate advantage, you must seize it and turn it into highly eye-catching goals.

Dead World Heroes is where ugly zombies rule the world. All achievements are recorded and included in the rankings. Players need gentle coordination with their friends. Twenty-five achievements await you; the loot categories are also more unique. Eight weapons are enough to make you energetic and fierce; join this challenge. Each mission requires new tactics that will help players survive longer than expected. Download Dead World Heroes mod, and survive fierce battles with monsters.

Download Dead World Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited mana/God mode) for Android

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