DEAD TRIGGER 2 MOD APK 1.9.1 (Menu/Unlimited ammo, Immortal)

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PublisherMADFINGER Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited ammo, Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod version


  • You will receive 50,000 coins when the game is over.
  • Unlimited ammo.

V2 Menu

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Immortal
  • High damage

V3 Menu

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Immortal


  • God mode
  • One Hit

DEAD TRIGGER 2 is a game that opens the battle against the zombies. Players will use guns and attack them, not letting the zombie force increase. Alone to face a large army, constantly appearing dangerous zombies. Fight and quickly destroy all zombie forces, ensuring peaceful life for the world. The battle game against the zombies is no longer strange. However, DEAD TRIGGER 2 still makes a difference compared to games of the same genre. Own a variety of guns, go to every location to attack. Join the journey to destroy zombies, eliminate the global epidemic.


Open war with zombies, face many different challenges. DEAD TRIGGER 2 is one of the most popular games today. For gamers who love this topic, it will be impossible to ignore. Create a dramatic battle with scary zombies, do everything you can to kill them. The game offers exciting offensive gameplay, starting with each intense battle. Get ready to stand up and fight the powerful force, eliminate zombies from the area. Quickly kill zombies, making them unable to survive. The game upgraded to a new version, improving the experience for players. Go to battle in every location, destroy the entire zombie army. Face many other dangerous zombies in Zombie Age 3 and Zombie Catchers.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod android

Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod – War with cruel zombies

A global pandemic occurred, turning the world’s life upside down. Humans become zombies, harming people and spreading diseases. Players will have to perform the task of attacking to stop the zombies. Extinguish the epidemic and bring the world back to a peaceful life as before. Includes diverse game modes, starting with a journey full of arduous and dangerous. Can you survive the attacks from those evil zombies? Shoot continuously, use skills to destroy all zombies. In order to no longer have the existence of the undead, there is no other way but to fight. Rise and overcome all difficulties to make each zombie will no longer be able to resist.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod apk

Dramatic fighting gameplay

Enter the battlefields in every region of the world. There are 33 different battlefields in, large area. From there, the ability to move to any location you want also becomes easier. Open locations with gunshots, the sound of the undead. Players will be able to freely go where they want, get close to the zombies, and shoot. Attack in rapid succession so that each zombie cannot counterattack. The gameplay brings new breakthroughs, creating drama in the game modes. DEAD TRIGGER 2 lets you go to each area, trying to fight the zombies. Make your own plans and go to higher game levels. Fight your own way, eliminate the zombies. Set strategies and quickly make zombies take their death.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod free

Top shooting

Sniper is the main gameplay in DEAD TRIGGER 2. Aim at each zombie and shoot them consecutively. DEAD TRIGGER 2 is the place for great shooters. Show your talent and kill all the zombies. However, shooting zombies is not easy either. They are also constantly moving and have strong interceptions. Therefore, to be able to shoot accurately at zombies also requires observation. Make the most of the opportunity, control the directions of the zombies closely. Become a skilled sniper, despite all zombies. They will always chase you, using all means to take the lives of people here. You will be the power user of your own power with modern guns. Sniper at hordes of obnoxious zombies, control your guns, and move skillfully across every battle zone.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod download

Constantly upgrading weapons

There are up to 50 types of weapons brought by DEAD TRIGGER 2. All are guns for players to use in battles. Up to high levels, the zombies will be stronger. They can resist your shooting phase. Therefore, upgrading for more powerful weapons is essential. At the same time, use all the skills and tactics to chase the zombies. Through each completion of the mission, the player will also have the opportunity to unlock more new guns. Contribute to improving combat efficiency, being able to hit many zombies at the same time. Go to places where zombies hide, creating fierce shootings. Equip a variety of weapons to accompany you in each battle. Load ammunition to fight and gain strength to withstand all the evil zombie forces. Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod to kill zombies, remove the disease.

Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited ammo, Immortal) for Android

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