Darkrise MOD APK 0.17.9 (Unlimited money/Attack speed, onehit)

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NameDarkrise APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Attack speed, onehit
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • V1: Unlimited money
  • V2: Attack speed, onehit

In line with the development of technology, many new games now have super cool and realistic 3D graphics. However, classic hardcore games have always had their unique charm for generations. A good example I would recommend is Darkrise. This game is made in nostalgic pixel style by two indie developers. This genre with the 8x and 9x generations is not strange at all. And indeed, if you try it, you will also be immersed in it. In Darkrise, players have the opportunity to play the role of three famous characters, Alice, Godric, and Kira. All three heroes are skilled and have many unique skills. Join them to save the world.

Darkrise mod

Download Darkrise mod – Explore and become the savior of the world

The world that Darkrise simulates is home to the three heroes, Alice, Godric, and Kira. Undead creatures and demons invaded that place and violently rebelled. Therefore, the heroes must find a way to protect the country. Perhaps, strength is the only way to wipe those demons from the territory. To do this, Alice, Godric, and Kira desperately need you. You will choose the gameplay in Alice, Godric, and Kira. There will be a strategy map with hundreds of discrete points. Your job is to select and connect them according to your own rules. Those points represent many abilities such as strength, armor penetration, and damage,… Accompanied by stats that increase gradually according to your level.

Darkrise apk

From the strategy you have drawn up, Alice, Godric, and Kira will begin their journey to become the savior of their homeland. They had to struggle through many dangerous lands. Sometimes it’s a jungle, sometimes a cave deep underground. Many times they passed through some strange city with mysterious ancient castles. However, the heroes also meet many generous and kind characters along the way. We can get a lot of help through conversations with them. For example, an older man offered to give Godric an old armor. It was no longer necessary for him, but it helped Godric save his life. The older man just wanted to repay the favor by harvesting the carrot garden.

Darkrise mod apk

Enemies appear unexpectedly

In Darkrise, there are 20 locations where fights can take place. Those are the places where Alice, Godric, and Kira must meet their enemies. Creatures and undead demons can jump right in front of us and challenge us. However, there are times when they sneak out from a random door after only a few seconds. In particular, they have extraordinary speed, so please do not stop moving. All enemies are not the same, so they possess countless unique fighting abilities. There are also disabled monsters. They have random stats that go up and down, making it difficult to predict the strength. This also contributes to the endless fun that Darkrise has for players.

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Find the strongest equipment

The manufacturer gives you many ways to strengthen the three heroes, Alice, Godric, and Kira. There are eight types of equipment, six of which are rare. You can create a slot in the armor and put gems in it to protect yourself. In addition, the player can make friends with the blacksmith in the town. They can enchant your armor like never before. In Darkrise, it’s not just about collecting or selling ultimate equipment. You also upgrade many of your skills and weapons. This will be done by merging existing equipment and skills. So let’s try to see how powerful the new gun you create is.

Darkrise android apk free

Collect a lot of precious resources

The world in Darkrise is full of valuable resources. When the heroes adventure on the roads, maybe they will encounter them. These items are not too big or shiny and are usually located on the side of the road. Just pay a little attention, and you have found and harvested already. They include life energy, dragon petals, cactus,… In addition, you also have a rich source of other items. It was from skirmishes with monsters. When fighting, many valuable items will be scattered in all directions, and you can pick them up. For example, the occult’s boots, the power pepper, the lucky stone, the snake-man’s helmet, the resilient helmet, the battle gloves…

Darkrise action role-playing game will not disappoint you with its classic pixel style. Not only expressed through the standard interfaces but also the battle animation is very eye-catching. You will see slight flickering and vibrations that indicate a decreased attack or health. Try to make the blinkers the demons, not the three heroes. Download Darkrise mod and save the world with Alice, Godric, and Kira.

Download Darkrise MOD APK (Unlimited money/Attack speed, onehit) for Android

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