Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK 1.37.0 (Unlimited coins)

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NameCut the Rope 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Cut the Rope 2 is a fun puzzle game that offers many challenges for players. Use wisdom to help creatures get colorful candies. Accompany Om Nom, go with him into the forest and collect all the candies hanging from the tree. Quickly take him out of hunger, adventure to every area. Players need to meet the game’s requirements and let Om Nom get enough candy. Every time you collect three stars, you will receive a corresponding bonus. This adventure journey requires intelligence to be able to overcome all challenges.

Cut the Rope 2 mod

Download Cut the Rope 2 mod – Use wisdom to find sweet candies

Om Nom has lost food, now the only thing he needs is something to fill his stomach. In the forest, there will be a lot of candy arranged in different positions. Follow the thief’s footsteps and get back everything lost. Complete every mission and go to the next level of play. Don’t forget to take the bonus to get more valuable items. This is the place for you to conquer the sweet candies. Enjoy the endless fun of achieving the results after performing the task. Rescue Om Nom from hunger as soon as possible.

Cut the Rope 2 mod free

Players will go to the forest and through each different area to get candy. The candies will be hung on consecutive ropes on the road. Your job is to cut the cord down so that it falls into the creature’s mouth. And so on until the beast is complete, find candies of all colors. Each level takes you to the city, the forest, and more. The quests do not change, help Om Nom and all creatures not to starve. Pursue the goal, collect all the candies that appear in each passing place.

Cut the Rope 2 mod download

Journey with friends

Move to different areas, from busy streets to dense forests… The adventure will let Om Nom meet many new friends. Roto, Lick, Toss, Boo, Snailbrow, Ginger will be mentioned names. They will accompany Om Nom, starting with the challenges that are brought. With locations with lots of candy, easy to get, Roto will take Om Nom there. Lick will use his tongue to create many bridges to get candy faster. Ginger will quickly break obstacles between Om Nom and candy. Each character, when appearing, will have an impact and help the process of getting candy to be completed faster. The adventure will also become more fun with companions and help. Coordinate with each friend for best results.

Cut the Rope 2 mod apk

Use hints

The adventure will bring a lot of difficulties that players need to face. You also don’t need to worry too much, Cut the Rope 2 will have help the character to achieve his goal soon. The items provided will support Om Nom to get a lot of candy, not to miss the opportunity. Players need to use a reasonable, appropriate in all situations. Accelerate progress in the face of many challenges. Use the ball to help Om Nom fly high, continue to collect the most candies. In addition, you can also get bombs to throw at objects at will, pull the candies closer, complete all levels.

Cut the Rope 2 mod android

Challenging journey

Cut the Rope 2 will gradually increase in difficulty as you progress to higher levels. In dangerous positions, there will be candies that you need to get. Do not make a mistake when participating in the challenge if you do not want to start the journey from the beginning. You will have to play again as soon as you cut the wrong rope, all efforts from the beginning will be in vain. Each time you successfully pass the levels, Cut the Rope 2 will open the next level. Cut the Rope 2 will also appear dangerous obstacles while getting candy. It will be able to prevent the candy from reaching Om Nom’s side. This will also make you and the character have to face many difficulties. The use of help items at this time is also essential. Do not overdo them not to lose the fun of the game screen. Download Cut the Rope 2 mod join the journey to collect candy with Om Nom.

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