Crypto Dragons MOD APK 1.11.14 (High Dragon Speed)

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NameCrypto Dragons APK
MOD FeaturesHigh Dragon Speed
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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High Dragon Speed
(Money Earn)

Create dragons and earn extra money with Crypto Dragons. You heard it right: a smartphone game can let you both play and earn money. Crypto Dragons were born in the background of cryptocurrency being a global trend. Cryptocurrency applications are constantly being launched and creating conditions for users to make profits. Even games are not out of the way when they are continually released. Combined with virtual currency functions for users to exploit for themselves, Crypto Dragons are one of them, with straightforward gameplay. In addition to entertainment purposes, it is also a helpful tool for plowing cryptocurrency if you are patient enough.

Crypto Dragons mod

Download Crypto Dragons mod – Earn money from lovely dragons

The gameplay of Crypto Dragons is so simple that you don’t need to learn too much about it. Instead, you need to combine two similar dragons to form a new, more enormous dragon. The whole game is just that without any other great content. Then why is it so attractive to players? The real meaning of this game does not lie entirely in entertainment. This game is a way to accumulate cryptocurrency. You will combine as many dragons to the highest level possible. The higher the dragon level, the more parts of the virtual currency will be accumulated. To a certain extent, you can convert these virtual currencies into real cash.

But making a profit that meets your requirements will take quite a bit of time. The virtual currency unit in Crypto Dragons is called SOUL. With 1000 SOUL, you can convert to $ 1.85. That’s a fair price when everything you do in the game is free. It will take a long time to accumulate to 1000 SOUL. But combining dragons like this is also exciting that you can do in your spare time. You don’t have to let it affect your other work. Because when you are offline, the dragons are still active and accumulate more SOUL for you. To convert SOUL to cash, you need to go through the game’s website and a few other specific steps.

Crypto Dragons mod apk

Buy and combine dragons

The interface of Crypto Dragons includes an area for you to keep the dragons inside. Surrounding the outside is a track so that when you place dragons, they will fly around it. When dragons run a lap will bring back a certain amount of money based on their level. From there, you use more money to buy dragons for yourself. The price of dragons will increase with their level. Matching two level 1 dragons will produce a level 2 dragon. And so on until the next dozens of levels. The higher the level of the dragon, the faster it will fly to earn more money for you. All is entirely automatic, you need to create more dragons and put them on the track, and you’re done.

Crypto Dragons mod apk free

Accumulate cryptocurrency

The dragons will bring money to buy more dragons. So how will you earn more SOUL? It is a complete achievement. The combination of dragons without a specific purpose will quickly become tedious for players. Avoid that. Crypto Dragons have added an achievement system to give you more motivation to perform. It is possible to create a certain number of dragons with a certain level. A high-level dragon is running on the track. Create the highest level dragon on the screen you have. Many types of achievements with enough quantity for you to accumulate SOUL for yourself. Do this way of making money when you are idle or resting and want to have fun.

Crypto Dragons mod free

Unlock new areas

Another motivation for you to continue creating lovely dragons. When you reach a certain level, explicitly create a level 10 dragon. You will unlock the next new area. The interface around where the dragons and race tracks are located will change. There are many skin themes as you open them. From the haunted house, the Dracula palace, the stadium… A slight change in the atmosphere of the game will bring something new. Sometimes it feels easier to make achievements. Unlocking a new area also gives you an extra surprise gift from the system. A high-level dragon or a certain amount of SOUL is always the most attractive gift.

Crypto Dragons free

Although it has been around for a long time, it was not until a few years ago that cryptocurrencies became widely known. Now anyone can earn them through many means such as apps or websites. Game is also one of them and promises to be more and more developed in the future. Download Crypto Dragons mod to experience how to earn cryptocurrency in this game. Although it will take patience, it is also interesting because you are both entertained and make more money.

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