Crypto Cats MOD APK 1.22.4 (High Cats Speed)

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NameCrypto Cats APK
MOD FeaturesHigh Cats Speed
SupportAndroid 4.4
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High Cats Speed (Money Earn)

Currently, cryptocurrencies are developing very quickly in many forms. Many people love this currency and hunt for it. “Mining coins” is probably not a strange phrase to you. The term has become familiar following the advent of cryptocurrencies. Crypto or cryptocurrency is also a popular coin. Transactions on blockchain platforms are usually stored and paid through Crypto. Not everyone knows how to mine and collect this currency. However, Crypto Cats will help you. Collecting cryptocurrency has now been integrated into the game by Realis, which is very fun. At Crypto Cats, you will match many cute kittens together. Through the wins, players have the opportunity to collect the form of crypto-currency.

Crypto Cats mod

Download Crypto Cats mod – Play to get crypto to your wallet

Many promises from Crypto Cats will make players excited in 2022, including the LIS code – the root of the cryptocurrency platform on the Realis chain and blockchain. Both events and their accompanying conclusions are planned to be public in the third quarter of 2022. And this new season, Crypto Cats, begins with a change in in-game mode. With the “Bingo” mode, Crypto Cats players will indeed have explosive mergers. So let the capsules open and receive your own NFT tokens. How lucky will Crypto Cats players be? What are the valuable items that NFT brings to you? Try your luck in this game.

Crypto Cats apk

The loot or rewards that players collect from Crypto Cats are practical. NFT assets in the game, you are wholly owned. Because the player can withdraw every NFT to his wallet. Withdrawal at any time, any time is up to you to decide. It’s playing out for money. The bigger bargain that Crypto Cats offers is that even offline, you can still receive coins. Whether you’re turning off your phone, sleeping, or doing something else, the money keeps adding up and increasing. So unless you do not log in and play Crypto Cats for more than a day, the money will stop pouring in. It has never been possible to earn crypto in such a simple way.

Crypto Cat mod apk

Merge cute cats

The bonus is a lot, but the way to play Crypto Cats is easy. It would help if you dragged to merge the cats. After merging, they will increase by one level. Next, put the newly upgraded cat on the track to race. Just like that, the coin will be filled with your wallet. If you want to buy more cute cats, click on the green icon at the bottom of the screen. Cats in each level have their names. They also possess different abilities. For example, there is a child who runs for 1 second and earns six coins. Also, have children 13 coins per second. Prices vary, and there are variations in buying super cats. But the number of coins the cats can bring is not tiny; consider it.

Crypto Cats android

Daily reward quest

Daily tasks are always at the top of the side-play, bringing many prizes. For example, in Crypto Cats, you will earn blockchain tokens after completing the day’s mission. The further you go with super cats, the more achievements you can accumulate. Rewards will be awarded according to the level of progress you have reached. Don’t be upset if you feel 24 hours is too much for a prize. In addition to the daily quest, Crypto Cats also has a capsule. The capsule is a gift box that you get every 4 hours. A lot of items are hidden in it. If you’re lucky, the capsule may give you tokens or crypto. Create super-cats from those things to make the race for coins more attractive.

Crypto Cats apk free

Free Wheel of Fortune

Is it a lot of 2-3 gifts a day? With the great Crypto Cats game, it is not. In addition to the quest and the capsule gift box, look to the wheel of fortune. Valuable items in Crypto Cats are about to fall into your hands. The rotation can give the kitten cuteness and speed. Or an item that doubles in coin income. Other objects help receive crypto. The blockchain opportunities and prizes that Crypto Cats offers are open to all. Don’t miss out on the possibility of winning a special award because of your absentmindedness. Free spins are only available once per day.

While you are having fun exploring the races of Crypto Cats, the maker is constantly creating new levels. Therefore, the content is continuously updated and avoids boredom. Crypto Cats as a game to connect and distribute the LIS cryptocurrency of the Realis chain. Choosing a cat as a game character will surely attract many pet lovers. Simple, fun, cute, and has money to withdraw. So are you ready to have fun with the kittens? Download the Crypto Cats mod to earn crypto money!

Download Crypto Cats MOD APK (High Cats Speed) for Android

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