Crush Them All MOD APK 2.0.420 (Free upgrade)

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NameCrush Them All APK
PublisherGodzilab Inc
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Free hero upgrades and jobs.

Rescue the princess with a squad of warriors against cruel monsters. Crush Them All has a famous plot but is still popular at the moment. The gameplay is also simple when you only need to use one of your fingers. All operations when playing are not complicated at all. Follow the journey of warriors powerful enough to defeat many legendary creatures. One individual won’t be able to do it. But if all work together, it is possible to protect the world from danger. You will face monsters a lot in Crush Them All. It is necessary to help you acquire knowledge and tactics to become stronger.

Crush Them All mod

Download Crush Them All mod – Gather heroes to rescue the princess

Crush Them All is a team game, not for you to show off your skills. To achieve victory, you will need the help of your teammates. Those are heroes from many different lands. Meet to accompany them in battles on distant continents. Collect items and weapons to equip them more and more powerful. All battles are played on the top half of the smartphone screen. The other bottom half will be the place for you to control the heroes. Upgrade and equip them with weapons. Call out various skills to make it easier for the hero to win. Coordination between possessing the battle and using the console.

Warriors will fight the enemy in a straight line. They all have their names and levels. Starting from level 1, when defeating monsters will be rewarded with gold. Use gold to upgrade them continuously. The story of the warrior can go up to 1000 or more. So if your hand is too tired to press upgrade, you can choose how many levels to upgrade in one click to save time. Journey in many areas will encounter many new heroes and, of course, new monsters. Use all the skills you have in the situation where it is needed. Do not forget to continue to upgrade heroes when possessing a lot of money.

Crush Them All mod apk

Important core weapon

When fighting, you always need a weapon. The same goes for the heroes in Crush Them All. They even have their weapons bearing their imprint. Various genres from guns, swords, daggers, spells, magic staff, spellbooks… Upgrading weapons help them increase damage and effectiveness of effects. The appearance of the guns is also changed so that there is an improvement when upgrading. Visit the hero’s store for more details on their weapon-specific spells. To buy them, you also need to have a lot of money. Fight and overcome waves of intense monsters. Just earn extra income to summon heroes and new weapons.

Crush Them All mod apk free

Combat auxiliary skills

Crush Them All is an idle game. Even if you log out of the game, the heroes will continue their journey. When you return to the game, you will receive a gift corresponding to the time you were not in the game. However, those gifts can still be increased even more in simple ways. The most typical and well-known is using auxiliary skills, a list that includes many skills that aid the heroes in helping them in battle. Specifically, they have increased the hero’s attack speed or strength. Double or triple the amount of gold gained for killing monsters. Beat a series of levels to continue to reach your highest record.

Crush Them All mod free

Join a vibrant guild

There are two options for you to join Crush Them All. The first is to command the heroic warriors alone to cross the border to rescue the princess. Or it’s easier and more fun to join guilds. Clans are formed by one player or by many people at the same time. The number of members in it can be up to dozens of people. So they are always ready to help you. So let you use your warriors to fight easier. It would help if you also shared heroes for them at any time. Of the few significant events, clan battles are always the most exciting. Clans face off against each other with the hero lineup they have. Choose the winning clan with tremendous rewards.

Crush Them All free

Show your commanding talents to lead the heroes through many challenging levels. Continuously upgrade and equip selected weapons to defeat monsters of legend. Crush Them All is simple, diverse in content, and always attractive to players, both old and new. Clans are always active and welcome you to fight with them. Download Crush Them All mod and enjoy the idle while fighting.

Download Crush Them All MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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