Craft Island MOD APK 1.13.2 (Unlimited money, trunks)

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NameCraft Island APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, trunks
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Maybe you are frustrated by the crowdedness, smog, and noise of the cities. So let Craft Island take you to and survive in a place with highly fresh nature. There, players are masters on their deserted island. There are no restrictions or strict rules so that you can enjoy the island’s freedom. Craft Island allows you to build and create your best on this island. In addition, players can expand and connect many small islands into an empire to expand on the sea. You are like a settler, a pioneer in creating a life in a new land. So let’s start to make the island of prosperity come to fruition now.

Craft Island mod

Download Craft Island mod – Labor on a deserted island

Craft Island is light and idle entertainment game. Arriving on an uninhabited island, you will decide how to get rich. Surrounded by the vast ocean covered with blue water, you can’t see it to the shore. But Craft Island makes sure you don’t get bored. In this place, players take labor to make fun of themselves. The goal is to own an island with quality construction that gives you a lot of motivation to work. You will work voluntarily and enthusiastically. That way, the efficiency is also higher, and your process is fun. The world of Craft Island gives you creativity and freedom. This is different from going to work or running a forced deadline.

Craft Island apk

The main thing that players do in Craft Island is chop wood and build houses. The results of your labor determine how the island will own the landscape, architecture, and infrastructure. The Craft Island tool for cutting down trees is a long sharp ax. The ax was a familiar tool of the woodcutter in the past. In Craft Island, living on the island is separate from the modern world, so all activities are handmade. That’s why traditional axes are still used, not modern chainsaws. The movement feature is also simplified and flexible by Craft Island. Just follow the circle on the screen, and your character can run every corner of the island in a few seconds.

Craft Island mod apk

Endless wood resources

The inexhaustible resource on the island that Craft Island gives you is wood. Your island becomes highly prominent on the ocean with both large and solid blocks of wood. Use the sharp ax to saw and knock down all the trees to get stout logs. Don’t waste time and start swinging the labor ax right away. Wood on Craft Island is also exchanged for valuable coins. The logs that are cut down will gradually be filled and carried behind you. Then take them back to the counter to exchange money. Ten logs will get five gold coins. This money allows you to upgrade your character, unlock levels or own more sharp axes.

Craft Island android

Build your works

In addition to exchanging money, the wood in Craft Island will be used directly by you to build fantastic and solid wooden houses. Depending on the size and type of the building, the number of logs required also varies. Don’t worry that you won’t remember how much wood you’ve cut. Craft Island statistics take care of you. The amount of wood collected is displayed on the left corner and updated as soon as you cut it down. If you find it too heavy and can’t be carried, bring the wood to where you plan to build the house. The amount of wood available and the part still missing for the work to be completed are also clearly stated. The places you make can also be traded for furniture. So give them a lot of heart.

Craft Island apk free

Expanding the island empire

In the beginning, in Craft Island, you have only one island. But every game has developed. How much Craft Island is opened depends on your hard work. Each expansion box requires a different large and small coin. The player must accumulate enough wood, exchange enough cash, and step to the marked position. Thus, a new piece of land has been merged to make the island larger. An opponent will appear and chop down your tree. So take the ax and don’t stop harvesting wood. With hard work, Craft Island players have a chance to get free coins that appear on the screen. In particular, this number of coins is also doubled if you watch the recommended video. Collect wood, accumulate coins, increase the area, and progress to many levels.

Craft Island owns a straightforward interface but does not make the game monotonous. The character is designed to be a primary person without hair, ears, nose, or fancy clothes. All focus on labor and production to build a robust deserted island. Being free and creating your world is always exciting. Perhaps for that reason, Craft Island players are always active and hard-working. Download now Craft Island mod to build and own your island empire.

Download Craft Island MOD APK (Unlimited money, trunks) for Android

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