Cougar Simulator MOD APK 1.056 (Unlimited money, food)

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NameCougar Simulator APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, food
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The animal world is colorful. They are diverse in species, designs, and colors and create a vivid picture of nature. Today, when the population is booming, people have taken away a lot of forest areas for housing and other constructions. Because of that, the relationship between humans and wild animals also becomes blurred. For that reason, a producer loves to create animal games. It’s the CyberGoldfinch company. They have released many games about pandas, deer, wolf deer, and many more. What they all have in common is the simulation of the wild world. Today, try to discover the Cougar Simulator game.

Cougar Simulator mod

Download Cougar Simulator mod – Experience the life of a cougar

Cougar Simulator is a movie about the natural life of cougars. You will control a large cougar in this game to join the adventure journey. The land the cougar goes to is vast. The landscape is highly diverse, including dense forests, rivers, and mountains. Furthermore, there are farms and human villages around. There will be different missions on this big cat’s journey. However, all are aimed at the goal of survival in the wild. Wars for food are also brutal to avoid. That’s why the cougars need you. Help it build a perfect survival strategy in the world of Cougar Simulator.

Cougar Simulator apk

A core task that every cheetah needs to do is to hunt. The natural food chain requires cougars to eat other smaller animals. Its food can be deer, deer, or even mushrooms. To know the location of the prey, look at the plate on the right. A great compass has been designed for you, which will display the location of the goats or mushrooms. The bow will continuously rotate according to your movement. So you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Besides the gentle animals, you can meet other dangerous animals. They can be predators such as wolves, snakes, or giant spiders.

Cougar Simulator mod apk

Customize character appearance

Not only focusing on actions and missions, but Cougar Simulator also creates an opportunity to report changes in appearance. The look of this big cat is customizable by you. The player can make the animal look like a leopard, a predatory leopard, or a sharp cat. The coat is one of the most accessible elements to change with this animal. You can adjust the light and the horizontal stripes on its body. In addition, the more minor details are also customizable. For example, the thickness of four legs. Furthermore, parts like the belly, back, chin, face, and ears can all be customized. Let the cougar in Cougar Simulator have a look you want.

Cougar Simulator apk free

Build a big cat family

An impressive appearance can help the cougar attract its audience. That is the premise for it to build itself a big cat family, not just a couple. When your leopard is full of experience, it can make adorable cubs. The family will accompany the leopard in hunting and fighting. However, the father also needs to protect his family. Other dangerous animals and hunters can harm the journalist’s family. At the same time, you must help the leopard gather enough food to feed its spouse and the leopard baby. Family members can all be upgraded if well taken care of.

Cougar Simulator android

Capacity building for cougars

You must be curious about what a leopard can be upgraded to, right? Through hunting and doing quests, leopards will gain experience. That’s the key to it being able to level up. In addition, successful missions will bring some small rewards, such as coins. You can help the newspaper buy upgrades with this money. In general, the upgrades will help the leopard improve the life of it and its family. For example, acceleration skills to catch prey easier. Or accumulating more energy will help it run tirelessly, for example. The more resources are collected, the easier the adventures will be in Cougar Simulator.

Cougar Simulator is an animal simulation game that is worth a try. Typically, we will perceive cheetahs as cold-blooded and dangerous animals. But, is there any aspect of it you haven’t discovered yet? Cougar Simulator will help you answer questions about the life of a leopard. Let’s experience the exciting survival journey with this big cat. Download Cougar Simulator mod and join the hunt with cougars.

Download Cougar Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money, food) for Android

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