Cops Vs Robbers MOD APK 1.123 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameCops Vs Robbers APK
PublisherAeria Canada
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Dive into the world of tricksters and prisoners in Cops Vs Robbers. The danger will always be lurking and make you constantly move. A game with action elements, free to move. You will need to confront every situation that occurs, defending yourself against the onslaught of opponents. Each challenge created also creates suffocation, which is not easily overcome. Make moves through every area to destroy enemies, and aim to shoot at the correct targets, not allowing an opponent to achieve the evil purpose.

Cops Vs Robbers mod

Download Cops Vs Robbers mod – Destroy formidable guards and opponents

Cops Vs Robbers brings a lot of battle scenes combined with familiar pixel graphics. Each scene will bring you back to a battle against many opponents. The levels provided have quite a lot of dangerous elements and challenge the player. In each situation that occurs, it is necessary to have quick reflexes and intelligent handling. Do not let the opponent grasp the weakness as well as gain an advantage in battle. Find your path, and control the entire match. The ability to attack and the clever strategy will help you quickly get the victory.

Cops Vs Robbers mod android

In the game, you will be the one fighting for control of justice. The path to freedom is precisely what you are aiming for. The opponents will always stick around and perform counterattacks to defeat you. Many cases happen that make you unable to catch up, even lose your life. But every mistake in Cops Vs Robbers can still be corrected. Players can still start the battle journey again, gaining a lot of experience after defeat. Attack ferocious enemies, quickly regaining your freedom.

Cops Vs Robbers mod download

Recharge health and ammo

Health and ammo bars are two things players will need to pay attention to. This will be the thing that determines your existence in the battle. Do not let the blood and ammo be exhausted, constantly have to collect to have battle energy. While exploring around, make use of everything and collect ammo to increase your power. Observe the positions and promptly respond as soon as the enemy appears. Aim at the target, and perform shooting at all enemies. Your health bar will also decrease if hit by an enemy bullet. Try to dodge quickly, save your life, store ammo, and create the most impressive attack combos.

Cops Vs Robbers mod apk

Upgrade your character’s attack ability

To gain strength in each match, character upgrading is essential. Equip more armor, and increase the damage more powerful. Upgrade the character to run faster and dodge all enemy’s counterattacks. The stronger the character, the greater the chance of winning. Facing a formidable enemy will no longer be a hindrance. Combined with strategies, hit the enemy’s weak points to get high results. Prepare everything for the character to the fullest before joining the battle. Lead into each battle, making the opponent have no way to survive.

Cops Vs Robbers mod free

Conquer levels and rewards

There are quite a few levels for you to try and experience. The difficulty will also gradually increase as you participate in higher levels. Enemies will also become more robust and bring more difficult attack combos. Strict control destroys all enemies that appear. Rewards will also be given when you get a win. Each challenging level, after being completed will receive an excellent result. Try to conquer the peak level, and assert your ability to conquer. Immerse yourself in each intense match, regain your freedom. Download Cops Vs Robbers mod to destroy prison guards and opponents on all combat ranges.

Download Cops Vs Robbers MOD APK (God mode/Dumb enemy) for Android

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