Cooking Love MOD APK 1.3.96 (Unlimited money)

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NameCooking Love APK
PublisherCSCMobi Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Let’s cook with all your heart and love; that is the message that Cooking Love sends players. Bring a cartoon style through the adventures of the master chef, with the desire to serve the world’s most perfect and classy dishes to our diners. You will work non-stop to create famous restaurant chains. Create words with unique tastes and layouts like never before. Each time a guest order is a request for a real work of art. It requires you to combine ingredients uniquely. Each element combines into a new dish for diners to feel and appreciate.

Cooking Love mod

Download Cooking Love mod – Bring enthusiasm into each dish

You play as a famous restaurant owner on a journey to show off his culinary skills. Start with any region in the world. Understanding the eating needs of the people there, the chef has come up with a list of the most popular dishes. All ingredients are already prepared. When a customer orders, you can make and serve immediately. Although it is a famous restaurant, it is done in a food truck style. Customers come and order while you directly prepare and then help them. Cooking Love aims to be quick in preparing dishes while still having absolute accuracy.

The player clicks on the ingredients to place them on the plate. It all comes together to form a complete dish. Each customer will request a different word. It requires you to combine each word differently and change the ingredients and order. The running time bar next to the customer is their level of patience. If the bar runs out of time and you still haven’t finished the dish, they will leave disappointed. In the early stages, it will move very slowly. You’ll have more time to prepare food and keep your diners happy. Sometimes, snacks can calm them down and make them wait a little longer.

Cooking Love mod apk

Attractive variety of ingredients

It was collected and synthesized from many different cultures around the world. Understandably, the customer’s menu and what you have is quite diverse. The meat dishes of many animals such as pork, beef, seafood… Combined with a variety of vegetables of many separate seasons. Each word has a different processing stage. Some words can be eaten raw as salads or fresh vegetables. Most of the rest will be processed on induction cookers. Or boil them in pots of boiling water and drain them immediately like Japanese ramen. The fancy and varied cooking style will not leave you idle. But that’s also the fun of cooking directly for diners.

Cooking Love mod apk free

Goals to be accomplished

The chef’s cooking journey in Cooking Love is divided into several levels. Each level introduces a new dish and new recipe. You will have to serve an average game screen of 10 to 30 diners. They will come in order with easy difficulty or continuously with a more unexpected problem. Prioritize all dishes for those who come first because they are waiting longer than anyone. Or prioritize talks with simple ingredients to focus on more challenging words. Please note the patience of the customers. If you can serve all of them, you will get three stars on that level and some money to provide more materials.

Cooking Love mod free

Adventure around the world

The most exciting moment for a chef is travelling the world and showing off his skills. When you come to a new country, you will begin getting acquainted with the cuisine there. Then create a menu with dishes typical of that country. Find fresh ingredients and start your restaurant here. Your diners will have very different food requirements. And with the preparation in advance, you will be serving them in no time. You will open more branches and get more attractive ingredients if done well. So your journey to becoming the world’s top chef has just begun.

Cooking Love free

The chef’s adventure worldwide is being loved and experienced by many gamers. Cooking food directly and serving it to customers immediately is exhilarating. Cooking Love will not disappoint you with its positive messages about food and people—download the Cooking Love mod for a one-of-a-kind chef experience.

Download Cooking Love MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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