Code of War MOD APK 3.17.7 (Unlocked VIP)

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NameCode of War APK
PublisherXDEVS LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlocked VIP
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Code of War is a gathering place for great shooters. When participating in the battle, you will also become a professional gunner. Take on the role of destroying the enemy, aiming to shoot at the opponents appearing on the battlefield. Improve all skills through accurate aiming, making every enemy unable to survive. The battles that take place are an opportunity for you to show your abilities. Choose the right gun to use in every match. Rise to the top of the leaderboard, and get the most glorious victory.

Code of War mod

Download Code of War mod – Shooting on the fierce battlefield

To become a talented shooter is the desire of gamers. Code of War will help make that dream a reality. An online shooting game with beautiful 3D graphics and attractive gameplay. Players will be able to fight with opponents, possessing a modern gun. The game is played with many unexpected and dramatic developments, you will have to constantly find ways to cope. Enemies appear and bring many dangers, which can take away your strength at any time. The high concentration, aiming at each target to completely destroy all enemies. Master the battle, don’t let the enemy have an advantage when fighting.

Code of War mod download

The campaigns are held and fully converged with professional gunners. At the beginning of the battle, you will encounter enemies operating in all areas. Make an attack, shoot consecutively towards the enemy appearing. Online action screens will let you show all your skills and take advantage of your strengths to declare war. Ready to confront the formidable boss, able to counterattack the enemy in any situation. Ranking after each match also depends on what the player has performed. Don’t give up in a hurry if you fail, determination is also a prerequisite for victory.

Code of War mod apk

Complete campaigns

Code of War will have quite a few campaigns happening every day. Here will appear many formidable enemies possessing special skills. Your task will be to navigate your gunner to move and attack. This will be a big challenge that requires strength and accuracy in each shooting. Because of just making a mistake, the consequences are also huge. The opponent also constantly counterattacks, causing you to encounter many obstacles. The higher the level, the more intense the game becomes and the more dangers appear. Try to complete the campaign with high results, and conquer all challenges. Overcome all challenges to become one of the shooters no one can beat.

Code of War mod android

Superweapon selection

It must be said that the arsenal of weapons in Code of War is highly diverse, offering many choices. The guns do a lot of damage and can shoot from quite a distance. Choose the most suitable gun to accompany in the match and quickly destroy the opponent. From rifles, shotguns, cannons, and more, you will discover a diverse and easy-to-use gun collection. Perform gun aiming, pull the trigger and shoot consecutively at enemy positions. The gun control mechanism is quite simple to give every player the best experience. After each mission is completed, you will also have the opportunity to discover new guns. Understand the use and function of each gun to make an effective attack.

Code of War mod free

Soldier upgrade

Warriors participating in the battle will lose their strength after a while of fighting. This is not beneficial and makes it difficult to attack with high results as the enemy grows more assertive and creates formidable counterattack combos. That’s why you will have to upgrade your soldiers to improve their ability and attack stats. Enhance coordination with the whole team, and block all actions from the opponent. Improve more formidable skills, know how to take advantage of the opportunity to defeat the fastest enemy. Prepare all necessary equipment for soldiers before going to battle. Download Code of War mod to fight with the world’s top professional shooters.

Download Code of War MOD APK (Unlocked VIP) for Android

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